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ROOTNSTUDIO has released the third teaser trailer and screenshots White Day 2: The Flower That Liesits upcoming sequel White day. a maze named school.

Here’s a review of the game via its official website.


Released in 2001. White day. a maze named school provide interactive fun with a twist of horror in a familiar school environment.

White Day 2: The Flower That Lies is the official sequel to the first game White day. a maze named school features a well-crafted plot and meticulously orchestrated horror that surpasses its predecessor.


Rumors spread among the students that Sung-Ah’s ghost had appeared at Yeondu High School, where the accident occurred on March 14th.

People did not believe in ghosts and cared about it, but some of them recalled the memories of the past again.

One of them went to the closed school late at night to escape the nightmare caused by Sung-Ah’s death.

But the girl was not the only one who entered the school at that time.

To discover the truth of that day…

To find each other’s lies…

They made their way to school.

Tonight they were being swallowed up by school again.


  • Su-jin – Maybe it’s because he grew up alone in a poor family, he’s braver than necessary and upright with strong pride. He liked Sung-tae, who is in the same class, but Sung-tae likes Sung-ah. Mistaking Sung-ah to tell the teacher that he smoked, he went around the school saying he would kill Sung-ah, but accidentally that night, Sung-ah died in a fire in the school’s home economics practice room. People suspect that Soo-jin killed Sung-ah, but to prove his innocence to his lover Sung-tae, he suggests that Sung-tae go to Yeondu High School together, one year after graduation, on the night of March 14, 2001. .
  • Sung-tae – With a timid personality, she loved Sung-ah, who was kind to her. At first he thought Soo-jin’s unruly behavior was bothering him, but the more he got to know Soo-jin, the more he found out that Soo-jin was trying to hide what he was feeling inside. While his intimate feelings for Soo-jin grow, an incident occurs when Sung-ah dies in a fire in the home economics practice room. After that incident, he couldn’t disprove people’s suspicion that Soo-jin killed Song-ah, and he had a nightmare and felt guilty that he suspected Soo-jin too. In the end, he ended up staying with Soo-jin ambivalently, but one day he got an offer from Soo-jin to go to Yondu High School together.
  • Seo-yeon – Seo Yeon’s father, who worked as a Korean language teacher at Yeondu High School, fell from the roof of the school late at night and his death was ruled a suicide. Unable to believe that his father committed suicide, to find the truth of his father’s death, he enrolled and graduated from Yondu High School and returned to school to practice teaching. He found out that dead souls were trapped in the school from several clues over the years. He decided to release their souls to send their souls to heaven, including his father’s. On the night of March 14, 2001, he went to Yondu High School.
  • ??? – Soon.

White Day 2: The Flower That Lies currently only confirmed for PC (Steam). No release date has been announced.

Check out the teaser trailer below. Check out a bunch of screenshots in the gallery.

Teaser Trailer #3


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