Best Quest 2 games to escape reality for a little while

The best Quest 2 games are now a brilliantly varied bunch. The technical VR progress of the last few years and the affordability of the Quest 2 headset means we’re far from the days when VR games were just short experiences. This is a burgeoning, exciting realm and now requires even less of an investment to get your head in the game. The best Quest 2 games now include 12-hour-long campaigns and games bursting with creativity only possible in the virtual reality space.

We’re seeing welcome remakes of classic games but also entirely new experiences, some of which can even help us keep fit as well as escape reality. Nowhere else can you rub shoulders with an adorable mouse one minute and attempt to escape rooms packed with terrifying deadly traps the next. Here are the best Quest 2 games to download right now.

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