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The Verge managed to get a few details about the upcoming hardware from Valve. While Valve has been open about its plan to bring new versions of the Steam Deck to market, Valve’s Lawrence Young and Pierre-Loup Griffais, UX designer and developer respectively, have provided more information about where the company is headed next. several years.

On the one hand, Griifais emphasized that Valve is not focusing on performance improvements with the second-generation Steam Deck;

Right now the fact that all Steam Decks can play the same games and that we have one target so that users understand what level of performance to expect when you play and developers understand what to aim for.. .there’s a lot. It’s important to have that one feature… I think we’ll choose to hold one performance level for a bit longer, and only look at changing performance levels when there’s a significant gain.

In short, Valve doesn’t consider the Ryzen 7 6800U and Radeon 680M to be enough for a performance leap from the Steam Deck’s Aerith APU. While neither Griffeys nor Young ruled out the idea of ​​Valve using another custom APU, it appears that Steam Deck 2 will be powered by the same APU as its predecessor. With performance improvements off the table, Valve is focusing on bringing better battery life and improved display technology to the Steam Deck with the second generation model.

On the other hand, Valve would also like to see the return of Steam Machines and the Steam Controller. After all, Valve is too busy with Steam Deck to focus on other projects, but it’s “already testing additional ideas in the living room.” Either way, Valve will consider working with third parties to deliver the Steam Controller 2 and new Steam Machines.

Furthermore, the pair confirmed that Valve is also working on improving the current Steam Deck. Specifically, the latest revision of the device features a new adhesive to simplify battery replacement, a design flaw that iFixit noted during its teardown of the Steam Deck. In addition, Valve also ships newer Steam Deck models with a custom fan designed to reduce fan noise. Unfortunately, it remains unclear when Valve will announce any new hardware, let alone a second-generation Steam Deck.



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