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Earth Defense Force 4.1 for Nintendo Switch and: Valkyrie Profile. Lenneth: Here are the highlights of this week’s Japanese video game releases for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

Also releasing this week are Switch versions of otome visual novels Majestic Majolical, Money Parasite: Usotsuki-na Onnaand: Uta no Prince-sama. All Star After Secret:as well as a romantic visual novel Witch’s Garden.

It Utawarerumono detective adventure spin-off Gizoku Tantei Nosuri It will also be released this week for PlayStation 4 and Switch.

Get the full list of this week’s Japanese game releases below. Note that Gematsu will receive a small percentage of money from purchases made through Play-Asia links. You can also save five percent with our single use”GEMATSU4:“coupon code or reusable”GEMATSUCOM:» coupon code.

Physical and digital

Digital only

  • Aero Striker – Global Invasion (Switch) – Runs worldwide.
  • Gizoku Tantei Nosuri (PS4, Switch)
  • Hoshi to Otome ga Uranau Mirai (switch)
  • Kaiju Wars: (Switch) – Runs worldwide.
  • Choice of love! 2-Taku de Renai Game. Kantan Renai Simulation Munekyun Otome-na Love Comedy Gal Game (switch)
  • Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys Klondike Solitaire (PS5, PS4, Switch) – Launches worldwide.
  • Tonari ni Kanojo no Iru Shiawase. In the first snow with Him (PS4, Switch, PC)
  • Valkyrie Profile. Lenneth: (PS5, PS4) – Launches worldwide.
  • Vampire Slayer. The Resurrection: (Switch) – Runs worldwide.
  • Yonimo Fushigi-na Kaiki Mystery. Imi ga Wakaru to Kowai Kimyou-na Psycho Horror Toshi Densetsu (switch)

The PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Switch titles listed above can be purchased through Japan’s PlayStation Network and Nintendo Accounts using prepaid cards;


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