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After many alleged delays The Galaxy S21 FE was launched in early January, and so far there has been a lot of uncertainty about its successor, with the most recent reports casting doubt on its existence. The Galaxy S22 FE may not be dead, though, as fresh rumors say it’s coming soon.

Plot twist. Samsung has been quietly working on the S22 FE

Budding leaker @OreXda: He said that we should expect to see the Galaxy S22 FE and Galaxy Buds 2 Live soon, and the rumor was confirmed by celebrity leaker Dohyun Kim.

All those conversations are starting to make sense now. @RGcloudS:, who is also a new leaker, tweeted yesterday that the S22 FE will replace the Galaxy A74. They also said the phone will be powered by the Exynos 2300 and will sport a 108MP sensor.
This would be a big step up from the Galaxy S21 FE, which had a 12MP primary sensor, and could help the S22 FE become one. The best camera phones of 2023

RGcloudS also speculated that the Galaxy S22 FE will cost roughly the same as the A73, which was only released in a handful of countries at around $500. For reference, the Galaxy S21 FE had a starting price of $700.

It’s best to take these leaks with a grain of salt because we haven’t seen a concrete leak about the Galaxy S22 FE so far, and we all know Samsung isn’t the best at keeping secrets.


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