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As we sadly come to the end of Street Fighter 6’s second beta, those who were able to participate are walking away with special memories of this rare event, while others continue to grind like there’s literally no tomorrow.

As we did at the end of the first closed beta test, this weekend we went through the top 100 players in SF6’s online rankings and found out which characters they used the most from the limited cast.

Since it’s still the same 8 fighters this time around, it’s pretty easy to make comparisons on who can reach high Diamond and Master ranks in just a few days.

A noticeable change out of the gate is that Ryu certainly isn’t the most common high-end character like he was last time, when his numbers were halved from 22 to 11.

Ken’s strength, however, clearly only grew when the red Shoto took the most spots in 22, meaning almost a quarter of those top-ranked players topped him.

It’s not hard to see why Ryu like his series familiarity, while also having a number of different ways to deal heavy damage.

The community seems to have caught on to how strong Guile is in these betas, considering he’s the character that saw the biggest jump in terms of going from 9 to 15 alone.

• Ken – 22:00

• Kimberley – 6 p.m

• Fraud – 15:00

• Luke – 13:00

• Ryu – 11:00

• Jamie – 7

• Water – 7:00

• Chun-Li – 7:00

This is even more evident when looking at just the top 20 players, where 6 of them have become big fans of Sonic Booms.

Although she’s not nearly as popular in the lower ranks, Kimberly is back high among the top performers, and now she’s doing it even better.

Since a character must have at least 13 players in the top 100 to perform better than the statistical average, that means Ken, Kimberly, Gul and Luke had a pretty good weekend for themselves.

It also unfortunately means that Ryu, Jamie, Juri, and Chun-Li all underperformed when the top 3 dropped from the first beta.

It’s not as simple as, say, the top half of characters being inherently better or stronger than the bottom 4, because of all the variables that affect players reaching those heights, especially the time invested.

The ranks, however, show a correlation with the beta characters, with strong players finding quick and consistent results with 3 days of use.

And unlike Street Fighter 5, SF6’s CFN rankings have separate league points for each character a player uses, so it’s easier to see which pick works best for them.

• Fraud – 6

• Ken – 5:00

• Kimberley – 4:00 p.m

• Jamie – 2

• Luke – 2:

• Ryu – 1:

It should be noted that Chun-Li and Juri did not play in the top 20.

Capcom will certainly continue to adjust game balance in SF6 before launch, with at least some decisions influencing the results of this beta, but there’s more that goes beyond just the ranks.

As of 5:30pm PST, a user who goes by the handle DiegoV_41 is the highest ranked SF6 beta player in the world, having amassed over 27,000 LP, with Ken as one of the few users with a Master rank. one.

The rest of the top 100 had to reach at least 21,800 LP and Diamond Rank 3 with flags from around the world.

Looking at who got the results this time, you’ll probably spot some familiar faces like Graham Wolfe, ISDD, DaFeetLee, and even our very own Velociraptor representing Jamie.

There are still a few hours before these numbers change, so I’m sure there will be a battle for the top titles.

Meanwhile, the rest of us will be in remote corner closets experimenting with combinations and settings we’ll probably never get to use at this point.



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