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The best gaming products of 2022

Image:: BioWare / SpaceLab9 / Panic / Lost In Cult / Nintendo / Puma / ZA/UM Atelier / Kotaku

Video game merchandise is rarely cool. You’d be hard-pressed to find wearables worthy of anywhere other than the gym or household items to display in a mid-century modern living room. It is also rarely inspired or unique; my cabinet is full of slight debris Call of Duty: coffee mugs, my storage bin filled with cheap t-shirts, my couch beers almost always wrapped in a branded pile.

Players are loud flamboyant, wildly patterned, or downright ugly with an obvious hatred of subtlety. Very similar Here’s how the top game executives at The Game Awards have historically dressedgaming merchandise often looks like cheap cash, with an image of Pikachu ironed onto a rough-hewn t-shirt or collage. Super Mario the characters are assembled on a canvas pair of vans. Gives a hot topic.

But recently, as the gaming community expands and embraces more diverse voices (including those of us who love fashion), we’ve seen a growing trend in some serious gamer products. There’s inspiration in these things, whether it’s gorgeous vinyl, a really cool pair of kicks, or an elegant gamer’s chair. Here are the coolest video game products we’ve seen this year.



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