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Google has received full approval for the Stadia Controller’s new Bluetooth support ahead of an upcoming patch.

Before Google’s game streaming service shuts down in a few days, the passionate team behind Stadia has been hard at work on some final projects. On Friday, Stadia got one final game: the Worm Game, an internal testing game that Google has used to test the service over the years.

Additionally, Stadia fans have also been asking Google to make the beloved Stadia Controller easier to use with other devices. It’s always been possible to simply connect the Stadia Controller to a phone or computer to use it, but wireless gaming has been limited to Stadia’s exclusive Wi-Fi connection. To address this issue, Google is working to extend the Stadia Controller’s Bluetooth capabilities to make it usable as a Bluetooth game controller.

The company has already announced that a patch for the Stadia Controller will be available in the coming days, which means the team has made significant progress over the past few months. It’s important to note, however, that adding Bluetooth support involves more than simply enabling the appropriate technology. There is also a certification process that must be completed for both new and old devices.

On Saturday night, the Google Stadia Controller received new approval from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group for use as a wireless controller. The list also includes hints about how the Stadia team was able to add full wireless support to the controller.

Specifically, it mentions “HoGP BLE Profile support for Stadia Controller.” Short for HID over GATT Profile, HoGP BLE means Google’s controller will connect via Bluetooth Low Energy to transmit button presses. The listing also says that the controller is Bluetooth 5.0 compliant.

With this certification complete, we’re now one step closer to making the Stadia Controller a great touchstone in gaming history that can be used for years to come.

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