Samsung Galaxy S24 can improve the zoom performance of the camera

While we’re still waiting for the official launch of the Galaxy S23, rumors about Samsung’s 2024 flagship smartphone have already started circulating. As always, we can expect Samsung to improve the camera performance of its high-end phones, and the same goes for the Galaxy S24.

Samsung phones already offer the best camera zoom performance in the industry, with the Galaxy S23 Ultra being the current champion. According to the guide Ice UniverseThe Galaxy S24 Ultra will reportedly have an even better telephoto camera sensor and an improved zoom mechanism. However, there is no clarity on what the new zoom solution actually is.

LG Innotek recently introduced a new telephoto camera lens mechanism that offers continuous zoom from 4x to 9x. That means you can capture sharp images at all zoom levels, from 4x to 9x, just like a dedicated digital or DSLR camera. If Samsung can bring such a zoom camera to the Galaxy S24 Ultra, it could be incredible.

The host believes that the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s main camera could either be the same as its predecessor or see only a modest improvement in performance. What new features do you expect to see on the Galaxy S24? Let us know in the comments section below.

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