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The original PSP release of Ridge Racer 2 could be criticized for being pretty much the same game as its predecessor, just with a few different tracks and modes. However, that doesn’t really matter today, especially now that it’s one of the rare Ridge Racer titles that can be played on modern consoles. With it’s one blemish now unfixed, we’re left with some of the most fun, stylish and satisfying arcade racing out there if you’re a PS Plus Premium member.

Essentially a “greatest hits” series, this game picks courses and music from previous entries and includes dozens of faster cars to take around all those sweeping corners. For 2023 fans, this is about as good as you can hope for. all the classics are here and it’s presented with crisp high-quality visuals, although it’s a bit of a shame that some elements remain intact.

Ridge Racer’s main appeal is its emphasis on top-of-the-line, beautifully smooth, endlessly fun racing, and it feels just as good now as it did back in 2006 on the PSP. There is nothing on the market today that provides such instantly rewarding arcade racing feels fantastic play! The Boost mechanic also made its debut here, adding a small but appreciated extra layer to the action.

Its structure is very simple, a series of world tours involving two or three races that require increasing from last to first. However, in an age where many racing titles push the open-world extravagance, the stage-based approach is refreshing. A few other modes allow you to play solo racing, elimination and time attack, and apart from gradually unlocking new cars, that’s your lot.

Unfortunately, any multiplayer options have been removed, along with the rewards for completing each world tour that rewarded you with things like unlocking movies for the old Ridge Racer games. The only other frustration comes from the AI ​​drivers, which can be difficult to outrun. Overall though, this is easily one of the best classic games on PS Plus Premium. It’s a timely reminder that at their peak, arcade racers can easily rank among the most enjoyable video games you can play.


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