PS4/PS5 hacks we want to see in 2023 (and 2022 PS4/PS5 hack review)

Happy new year! 2022 was quite a busy year for PlayStation hackers as the PS5 was first unveiled and a number of vulnerabilities were released that affected both the PS4 and PS5. However, none of these exploits resulted in a full Jailbreak for either console.

Let’s review what happened on the hacking front in 2022 and what we hope may happen in 2023.

2022 – PS4/PS5 hacking year in review

2022 saw a number of confirmed PlayStation vulnerabilities, in many cases affecting both PS4 and PS5 due to their shared architecture and dependencies. In the first half of the year, we saw some progress, particularly on the PS5, thanks to the Webkit vulnerability. Hackers have also released tools to help reverse engineer the PS5. (also here).

2022- BD-JB Exploit and PS5 First Kernel Exploit

2022 was of course also the year of the BD-JB exploit, a user mod exploit that affected both PS4 and PS5. This was followed shortly after by the first PS5 kernel exploit, giving us hope that the console will see a real Jailbreak in 2022. Unfortunately, the PS5 is heavily secured, and even with kernel hacks, there’s only so much we can do with a jailbroken PS5. limited. (hey, we’ve got PS5-specific themes now!)

Mast1c0re’s exploit in user mode based on a console PS2 emulator vulnerability gave us new hope for the PS4/PS5 homebrew environment. We’ll certainly be waiting for CTurt’s promised “part 2” update.

Other vulnerabilities seemed to disappear into the void, such as this heap leak that was revealed to Sony but apparently never made public.

2022 – A ‘Little’ Year for PS4 Hacking?

It was a “small” year for the PS4 in comparison. To be fair, it was hard to beat the 2021 p00Bs4 Jailbreak.

Although the PS4 is much more vulnerable than the PS5 (and has seen the same user mode vulnerability as the PS5), the latest PS4 Jailbreak is only compatible up to firmware 9.00 and firmware higher (9.03, 9.04, 9.50, 9.51). , 9.60, 10.00, 10.01) still hope for some solution. For some, hope may come from the syscon firmware rollback technique. It allows people to “downgrade” the PS4 to its previous firmware and gained visibility late last year.

So technically, the PS5 isn’t more likable than the PS4, quite the opposite. But in comparison, the progress with the PS5 hack in 2022 seems much more significant than what happened with the PS4. The final week of the year brought us a number of releases, though (which we’ve rounded up here ), notably Al-Azif’s PS4 CFW Toolkit, an encryption/decryption tool that could hint at something big for the PS4 next year.

2023 – The PS4/PS5 hacks we want to see

Does Patience Still Matter for PS4 Jailbreak in 2023?

Of course, there are high hopes for the PlayStation hacking scene in 2023. We’ll be the first to say that patience is key, but especially for the PS4, it’s been quite a while since the last Jailbreak release, and the next one is about to begin. feel out of date. Of course, as we keep saying, the easiest way to get a Jailbroken PS4 right now is to get a used one on eBay.

Still, it would be great to see something come out of the hacker hat for the 10.xx firmware. At the very least, we’re hoping for part 2 of CTurt’s mast1c0re, and hopefully the (even limited) Homebrew environment will be great.

2023 – PS5 Hypervisor Cracked?

The holy grail going forward for the PS5 will be hacking the Hypervisor, the almighty god that seemingly makes the console invulnerable.

With more and more rumors of new PS5 hardware (like “digital only + removable disc” replacing the current Physical/Digital version or PS5 Pro rumors), it would be great to get the original hardware revisions fully Jailbroken- who

PS4/PS5 Vulnerabilities to look into

In 2022, many vulnerabilities or proofs of concept have been published that have not yet been explored for PS4 or PS5. Or at least they weren’t completely dismissed as “hopeless” for these consoles. In particular.

Conclusion. my body is ready for 2023

As always, we can’t predict when a specific console will get a Jailbreak. What we know from experience is that people who stay on lower firmware have a better chance of getting the product. We’ve written some tips on how to prepare for future hack releases. That was back in June, but it’s still in effect today.

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