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But you have to pay $1,850 for the module and another $1,586 for the new wall charger.

Earlier this year, Porsche released a significant software update for its sporty Taycan EV that improved range and charging speed. If you think those improvements aren’t enough, the automaker is releasing a hardware upgrade for existing Taycan models that cuts charging time in half. On Performance Battery-equipped Taycans, Porsche says its new 19.2kW charging module reduces Level 2 charging from nine and a half hours to five hours. Meanwhile, those with Performance Battery Plus models can look forward to charging their vehicle’s battery from zero to full in just over five hours, compared to the previous ten and a half hours. The module also adds Plug and Charge capabilities to 2020 Taycans, a feature that first appeared on 2021 models.


Dramatically improving your Taycan’s charging time will cost you $1,850.15. It will also take around 12 hours for your local Porsche dealership to install the module, so if you’re thinking of buying the upgrade for your EV, expect to be without your car for at least a day. The module is also available as an upgrade for the new Taycans. You can add it to your order by selecting the KB4 option from the online configurator. If you want to take advantage of the 19.2 kW charging speed at home, you can also purchase Porsche’s new wall charger. It retails for $1,586 (not including installation fees) and requires a 100-amp circuit for the best possible performance, though Porsche says it can work with lower-wattage circuits as well.

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