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Microsoft may soon backtrack on its comments on the previously canceled title.

Xbox Era’s Customer_Nick recently hosted a new podcast claiming that he’s been told that Platinum Games and Microsoft are working together to revive Scalebound, but it’s still very early on. The source clarifies that he does not yet know about the scale of the revival, but at the moment it is not impossible.

Platinum Games recently released Bayonetta 3 for the Nintendo Switch, but the studio previously expressed interest in working with Microsoft once again to revive the Scalebound project. That said, the plan to bring it back was initially denied by Microsoft, at least publicly. But now, if the rumors are true, we might see the long-awaited Xbox One project back into the production cycle.


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Scalebound was originally announced as an Xbox One exclusive back in 2014. The game has received more details as well as a gameplay trailer confirming the Co-op Multiplayer mode in 2015. At the time, the project was supposed to be released in 2016, but it was later pushed back to next year. Microsoft then revealed in January 2017 that Scalebound had been cancelled. Since then, we haven’t heard anything official from Microsoft about the revival of the project. Before Scalebound, Microsoft also canceled Fable Legends in 2016, another planned exclusive title that never saw the light of day. That being said, a new Fable is already in the works at Playground Games.

Considering how much the Xbox has expanded since then, the time might be right for Microsoft to bring back Scalebound for its new consoles, provided Platinum Games and Hideki Kamiya are interested. whether to return to work with the company again.

Microsoft is expected to hold a new reveal later this month, sharing new details about Redfall, The Elder Scrolls Online, Forza Motorsport, and Minecraft Legends. With Xbox Era claiming that the Scalebound revival is still in its early stages, it’s unlikely we’ll hear anything official about it at the upcoming Developer Direct.

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