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Google released version 2.1 of Pixel Live Wallpapers last week, but the Play Store says the app is no longer compatible with older Pixel phones.

Pixel Live Wallpapers 2.1 does not introduce any changes to the user. It follows December’s version 2.0, which basically added the Live Bloom collection for the Pixel 6, 6 Pro, 7, and 7 Pro (all other phones were left out, which is par for the course).

Version 2.1 arrived on our Pixel 4a, but trying to “Update” returns a “Failed to install” error. In fact, the list says: “This app is no longer compatible with your device. Contact the developers for more information.” (Meanwhile, 2.1 doesn’t appear to be widely available outside of the Pixel 7 lineup.)

It’s presumably a bug that Google will address, as there’s no reason to drop support for the Pixel 4a just yet. The 2020 phone will receive “guaranteed Android version updates” until August 2023, with Android 13 QPR2 (due in March) blocked.

That being said, Pixel Live Wallpaper updates are usually only meant to bring new live backgrounds to the latest phones, as seen with Live Bloom on the Pixel 6 and 7 series. Older phones usually don’t get new live wallpapers, while static ones are rendered server-side and shouldn’t be affected by this incompatibility.

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