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Well, at least some Shield TV owners aren’t happy

There are too many ways to play video games these days. It’s a shame when you can play them however you want, though, especially when you’re dealing with different hardware platforms with different screens. There are ways to fill that gap, however. One of these is Nvidia’s Shield TV, which allows users to stream PC games to their living room sets. However, the company has announced that it refuses to provide that important connection next year.


Shield owners were notified this week that Nvidia will shut down its GameStream service in February. A software update will disable the feature.

GameStream works with PCs that have a GeForce GTX card or better, providing titles that the GPU can optimize to get Shield TVs up to 4K HDR and 60fps.

The company is promoting Valve’s Steam Link as a direct alternative to use, although with the fragmentation of distribution portals, local streaming access to games from 2K, Epic and the like is becoming a bit more difficult, if not impossible. Nvidia also offers server-based game streaming and a library of games through GeForce Now, but all sessions are timed and it costs $20 a month to get 4K streaming.

However you slice this cake, however, GameStream comes out on top because, for some people, it was their best choice among a handful of mediocre options when it came to games they paid good money for. .


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