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Fortnite: It is one of the most popular live service games in the world right now, thanks to the inclusion of famous creators and brands from the real world. Many were surprised earlier this month when it was announced that MrBeast would be getting his own competition, but not competitive, instead in Creative mode. What’s more is that the prize to win is one million dollars.

With tens of thousands of users participating in the contest, many are wondering how far their scores are from the top. Here’s all the information you need to know about the current leaderboards for MrBeast’s Extreme Survival Challenge. Fortnite.

Who won the MrBeast contest? Fortnite:?

According to FortniteTracker, a tool that collects data on everyone Fortnite:‘s modes, here is Mr. The top 10 contestants in Beast’s Extreme Survival Challenge as of 2:07 PM CT.

Degree Player: Points: A match It wins Middle Place:
1: Anas 142,099 14:00 10:00 1.86:
2: De_Tibbe: 140,598 17:00 10:00 2.76:
3: Dave 3I: 140,593 19:00 12:00 3:
4: loved ones 139,770 20:00 11:00 4.5:
5:00 MrKeroro10 L2R2 139667 13:00 12:00 2:
6:00 hiimtylerh: 139,492 12:00 10:00 1:58 a.m
7:00 Lazarus 139,404 18:00 13:00 2.61:
8 o’clock trippernn: 137,836 15:00 10:00 4.53 am
9:00 ALTAIR: 137,573 12:00 8 o’clock 3.33 am
10:00 GONE.EXE: 137,424 15:00 11:00 2:07 a.m

The player currently winning is GUILD Anas, a player also known for his skills in other competitive game modes. It was unclear whether he would be able to hold on to the lead, but less than 5,000 points separated him from second and third. However, with the competition now over, it looks like Anas might have won.

Fortnite competitive The tweet also said that players who want to get an umbrella will need around 83,000 points, at least Mr. To earn the Beast Umbrella.


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