WhatsApp’s new iPhone feature wants you to talk to yourself

A new iPhone feature is coming to WhatsApp, including the ability to send messages to yourself.

If you ask me, the world is divided into two groups: those who talk to themselves and those who claim not to (but really do). Now WhatsApp is legitimizing this perfectly harmless pastime with its new feature, first spotted by BGR.

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Now, or as soon as it arrives on your iPhone, as it will be rolling out globally in the coming weeks, when you create a New Chat, you’ll get the option to send a message.

Why would you want this? Of course, it’s not about creating a new school of introverted talkers. No, it offers you a great way to send reminders, messages and more.

They can be quite rich as you can send stickers to yourself or photos, videos and other files. You can even send yourself voice messages. What you can’t do, and this should be obvious, is start an audio or video call with yourself. I mean, it would be surreal.

But a warning. if you send yourself too many reminders, the chat can become an overwhelming, unpredictable bucket of data so big that you can’t easily search through it.

Other new features include a way to undo Delete for Me, which appears to mean that if you’ve deleted your message in a chat, you can now go back and undo it, restoring the message for you. This feature is handy for when you’ve accidentally deleted something you didn’t mean to. It was announced last year but is now widely distributed.

And you can now control who can see when you’re online through privacy settings, which will make it look like you’re offline even if you have WhatsApp for Desktop open at the time.

Searching messages by date is another new feature that will be available now or soon.

These new features are coming to WhatsApp for iPhone as well as Android phones.


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