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Polo G got himself a new diamond chain that not only pays tribute to his late friend, but also doubles as a working iPhone case.

As Skylar Langfeldt of Icebox Diamonds & Watches told TMZ, the extravagant new piece took several months to get just right. The Chicago rapper’s chain features a diamond-encrusted bulldog design that holds his iPhone, which he can use to display whatever he chooses. Langfeld added that the phone can be charged without removing it from the pendant.

“Hardest chain in the game right now, man,” Polo said in a short clip showing the chain. “Shout at the ice pack!” The piece contains 500 grams of 14ct white gold, over 90 carats of diamonds, and that’s just on the pendant. The chain is made up of the letter B, which is a tribute to his old childhood friend, BMoney 1300, who was fatally shot in August 2021.

Polo G’s latest jewel comes not long after he was forced to deny allegations that he didn’t follow up with Gunna after he pleaded guilty to the YSL RICO case. “I wasn’t after Neva to not follow him. You’re all over my dick,” he wrote. “I’m not after anyone. I make my own decisions as a man and I do a good job in my business. You don’t see me in shame for a reason. I don’t see it as good or bad, plain and simple.”


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