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Apple’s new car crash detection feature resulted in 28 emergency calls to Gallatin County 911 this month, all of which were non-emergency calls from skiers, according to a Dec. 15 Instagram post by Gallatin County Search and Rescue. in

The feature uses various sensors and data to detect a suspected car accident and alert the authorities. Since Dec. 1, all calls the country has received from the feature have been from iPhones of skiers at Big Sky Resort, Bridger Bowl or Yellowstone Club that did not require emergency services, the post said.

As the technology enters the country, Gallatin County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue has offered tips for iPhone users to avoid making fraudulent calls to Gallatin County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue:

If you notice that your phone or watch is sending a false alarm, stay in touch with the dispatcher, note your location and activity, and let them know that the call was an accident. If you don’t answer, Gallatin County 911 will try to call your phone number twice. If you accidentally made a false emergency call, Gallatin County SAR asks that you answer these calls if possible and provide the above information.

Expect to get a call from a deputy or see ski patrol or SAR personnel if you’re in the backcountry. If you do not answer any of the previous calls, public safety officers will likely be dispatched to ensure your safety.

Recognizing that accidents do happen, Gallatin County SAR urged people to heed these tips in a social media post to avoid wasting rescue resources unnecessarily while skiing.

A later update to the post indicates that Apple has since released an update to address hoax calls, and Gallatin County SAR suspects it will help minimize future accidental 911 calls.


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