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How do I unlock my iPhone if I don’t have iTunes? If you don’t have access to iTunes and still want to unlock your device, don’t worry. we got you covered. In this article, we have discussed various methods that you can use to unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes.

Part 1: Can I unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes?

Yes, it is possible to unlock a disabled iPhone without using iTunes. There are several third-party software tools that help unlock a disabled iPhone without using iTunes. However, it is important to note that you should use appropriate third-party apps to avoid causing any damage to your device. Additionally, you can also contact Apple customer support if you are an iPhone owner.

Part 2: How to unlock disabled iPhone without iTunes?

How to unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes? Here are three different ways you can try to unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes. Let’s discuss these methods one by one.

Way 1: How to fix disabled iPhone without iTunes using Find My Online

If you have Find My enabled on your iPhone, you can use it to fix a disabled iPhone without using iTunes. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Visit on your computer or other device and sign in with your Apple ID and password.
  2. Click the Find My feature.
  3. Now look for your disabled iPhone on your map and click on it.
  4. Click the “Erase iPhone” button. This will erase all your data on your iPhone. This will also reset your settings.
  5. Once your iPhone is erased, enter your Apple ID to set up your iPhone.

Remember that you will lose all your data like media files, photos, etc. So don’t forget to create the backup file before trying it this way. Also, you can use other ways to unlock disabled iPhone without iTunes, such as Find My Mac and Via. iToolab UnlockGo – Unlocked iPhone Unlocker. Want to try these ways, check the details below.

Way 2: How to turn off iPhone without iTunes using Mac

You can use Find My Mac to unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes. This feature is easy to use and ensures that anyone can unlock iPhone without using iTunes. You can check below steps to try this way.

1. Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your Mac.

2. Now open Finder on your device.

3. In the next step you need to put your device into recovery mode and for that you can follow the below mentioned steps.

  • 8 or later. Turn on your device and hold the Side button. When you see the recovery mode screen, immediately release the Side button.
  • 7 or 7 Plus. Hold the volume down button and release it when you see the recovery mode. Make sure your device is turned on.
  • 6 or later. For Mac 6 or later, dock the phone to the Mac by holding down the Home button. When you reach the recovery mode screen, release the Home button.

4. After you get the recovery mode screen, open Finder and locate your device. You will get the “Reset” option so click on it. This will reset your device.

unlock disabled iPhone with Mac

5. Once the restore process is complete, check your iPhone and hopefully your problem will be solved. After that, you can sign in to iCloud and back up your settings.

Way 3: How to unlock disabled iPhone without iTunes with iToolab UnlockGo (100% working)

If you plan to use a third-party app to unlock a disabled iPhone, you can easily use iToolab UnlockGo – Unlocked iPhone Unlocker. This app is simple and makes your unlocking process smooth. With this tool, you can unlock your iPhone in minutes. Also, you don’t need any technical experience to use this software. Check the details below to know more about this handy software.

Step 1. Download the program to your computer and run it. Make sure your iPhone is connected to the computer. Once you are on the home screen, click on the “Unlock screen password” option.

unlockgo guide - basic interface

Step 2. Once the app recognizes your iPhone, download the firmware package. You can also click the Import option to download your package. Note that the firmware package is large in size, so please wait a few minutes for the process to complete.

unlockgo guide - start downloading firmware

Step 3. Once the firmware package is installed, click on the “Start Unlock” option to start the process.

unlockgo guide - unlocking unlockgo

Step 4. Make sure your device is turned on during the process. Do not turn off your device as the process may take several hours to complete.

Finally, you will see the message “The Unlock Process is Complete” on the screen. You can now set up your iPhone and add your new password.

These are the simple steps you can follow to unlock iPhone without iTunes with iToolab UnlockGo.


As you can see, it’s simple unlock disabled iPhone without iTunes. You can use the Find My feature to easily unlock your iPhone. Also, if you are planning to use a third-party tool, we recommend you to download iToolab UnlockGo – Best iPhone Unlocker as it is easy to use and can unlock your device in seconds. Now you can get 20% OFF: LABR8F. Just pick it up to unlock your disabled iPhone/iPad.


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