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It takes seconds for someone to compromise the privacy and security of your Android phone. While compromises by strangers, such as hackers and other cybercriminals, are more often discussed, sometimes it’s eavesdropping by those close to you that can be the most shocking. Detecting that your phone has been tampered with is also difficult for you to detect when a scammer has infiltrated your privacy and I got help to find out.


Places where your Android can be tracked

  • In your own home
  • At your friend’s or neighbor’s house
  • At work
  • Out and about

It doesn’t take long for any nefarious person to gain access to your phone or change settings that allow them to access it in the future or remotely.

Most people wouldn’t even think to protect their Androids, especially around friends, family or familiar settings, so chances are you won’t notice if your phone has been snooped around.

As a protection, simply follow the steps below to strengthen your phone’s security so that it is not susceptible to hackers or scammers.

Please note that the settings may vary depending on the manufacturer of your Android phone.


How to check if snoop is spying on your android?

Photo of a woman holding a Samsung phone.
(Fox News)

It takes no time at all to enter the screen lock to access your Android. While you might think that more sophisticated methods are needed to gain access to your Android, it can be as easy as looking over your shoulder when you least expect it to spy on the lock screen you’re typing.

Once this snoop gets a good look or even a few looks over time, they can get into your phone when you put it down to use the bathroom or run to get something from another room.

Follow the quick steps below to make sure it’s harder for hackers to access your phone.

1. Restart your Android

Photo of a woman restarting her Android smartphone.

Photo of a woman restarting her Android smartphone.
(Fox News)

For most Android phones.

  • Hold down the Power button, then select Restart or Shut down and restart from the Power Options menu.

For new Samsung devices:

  • Hold the Power/Side button and Volume Down
  • The Power Options menu appears
  • Select the desired option

For Google Pixel 6:

  • Hold the Power and Volume Up buttons

2. Change your Screen lock

A photo of a tutorial on how to change the lock screen on Android.

A photo of a tutorial on how to change the lock screen on Android.
(Fox News)

  • Go to Settings on your phone
  • Click on Security
  • Select the screen lock type by clicking “Screen Lock”
  • Already have a screen lock? You must enter your pattern, pin, or password to select a different lock. Example: Use your finger to draw a simple pattern PIN. enter a minimum of 4 digits, but longer PINs (more than 4 digits) are more. safe Password: Enter 4 or more letters or numbers
  • Example: Use your finger to draw a simple pattern
  • PIN: Enter a minimum of 4 numbers, but a longer PIN (more than 4 digits) tends to be more secure.
  • Password: Enter 4 or more letters or numbers
  • Select a Screen lock option by tapping the one you prefer, then follow the on-screen instructions


3. Check for the latest Android update

Keeping your phone’s operating system up to date is important for your security. Any time vulnerabilities are discovered for hackers and trackers, there are usually updates to stop them.

To check which Android OS you are running

  • Go to Settings on your phone
  • Tap About Phone, then Android Version
  • You can find your Android version, Android security update, and Build number.

Get the latest Android updates available to you

If you get a notification, open it and select “refresh”

  • If you have deleted the notification or your device is offline.
  • Go to Settings on your phone
  • Click System, then System Update
  • After seeing your status, you can follow any on-screen steps (if necessary)

Get Google Play system and security updates

  • Go to Settings on your phone
  • Click on Security
  • To check availability of security updates, tap Google security check
  • To check if a Google Play System update is available, tap Google Play System Update


Backup phone with screen lock.

Backup phone with screen lock.
(Fox News)

How to prevent Android snoops from spying

  • Be careful when entering your screen lock. Even someone looking over your shoulder can compromise your security, so be aware of who’s around you when you enter your screen lock. For those who don’t pay attention or want to pay attention, you can get a privacy screen protector. It’s usually plastic or tempered glass that you can stick to your phone’s screen to not only protect your screen from cracks or scratches, but it also blocks light from certain angles so people around you can see what you’re typing.
  • Never share your password or code. If you have a Google profile set up on your Android device, you can create different or guest profiles, which will limit their access to your phone’s settings and information.
  • Send videos and photos directly to someone instead of handing over your unlocked phone
  • Never leave your phone unattended
  • However, the smartest defense is to install good security protection for the best protection on all your devices. My top pick is TotalAV (limited time deal $19 your first year (80% off). See my expert review of the best antivirus protection by searching for “Best Antivirus” on

Have you been kidnapped before? Or broken? How did you know? Comment below.


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