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You are doing important work online and suddenly your internet connection goes down. Almost all of us have experienced such a situation in our lives and the resulting frustration. It’s not unusual for even the most reliable Wi-Fi connections in homes and offices to slip. The technology is not 100 percent reliable. If you don’t have access to an internet connection and are looking for a reliable solution, here it is. Turn on your iPhone Wi-Fi hotspot.

Wi-Fi connectivity can turn a smartphone into a reliable Internet resource through a hotspot. With a few clicks, you can connect your devices to the hotspot and access the Internet.

iPhone works as a mobile router and provides Internet connection to your other devices through the phone’s data plan.

It’s a simple way to stay connected online, but there are a few downsides.

  • Service provider fees can reduce your monthly costs on mobile plans
  • Your phone battery will drain very quickly
  • It eats up your monthly data plan pretty quickly

Most leading service providers offer connectivity services as part of your mobile plan. However, its usage and costs are determined by the selected service and data plan.

Are you ready to overcome these downsides? Learn how to turn on your iPhone’s Wi-Fi.

To create a personal hotspot that allows you to use your iPhone as a Wi-Fi resource, go to your iPhone’s settings and select Personal Hotspot. Next, tap on “Allow others to join” and enable it by turning it on.

Some iPhones may not display the Personal Hotspot icon. In such cases, tap Mobile to access a personal hotspot. Note or remember the Wi-Fi password.

The next step is to open the Wi-Fi menu on the connected device. Search for the iOS device and select it. You must enter the hotspot password to connect.

After connecting the secondary device, you will be able to browse the Internet. It will also signal the start of your mobile data consumption.

It is also possible to connect your iPhone via Bluetooth or USB connection.

To connect via Bluetooth, check if Bluetooth is enabled for the devices you are using. When you tap the icon, you will be able to view the manufacturer’s instructions on how to set up the Bluetooth connection.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to complete the connection. In some cases, the maximize compatibility option must be enabled for these connections to work. However, in such cases, your connection quality may be affected.

If you are at home and the Wi-Fi connection is not working, or you are on a family trip, you can choose the Family Sharing option. With this option, your family members can automatically connect to the network without using a password.

To select the Family Sharing option, go to Settings > Personal Hotspot and click on the Family Sharing tab. Enable the option.

Click the name of your family members. You can decide if they need to be approved to join the hotspot network or if they can join automatically.

How many devices can iPhone hotspot support?

All iPhone models (except early models) can support up to five devices for a Wi-Fi connection. However, please note that the network capacity is constant, so each additional device will put more demand on the hotspot.

In case you need to use the hotspot for an important task, you may have to reconsider the possibility of sharing with others, as the access speed will be affected.

Can I turn on hotspot everywhere?

If the signal is strong enough, you can use the hotspot anywhere, indoors or outdoors. All you need is working mobile data. If you have access to the network, you can turn on the hotspot even while traveling by car or train. You can even use a hotspot in another city if your carrier’s network is available in that location.

How secure is the Hotspot network?

You create a hotspot network on your own iPhone and in your area. So using a hotspot to browse the network may actually be more secure than other options. If you are on a 4G network, the protection is higher when the encryption key is activated.

In addition, the password you create or create protects your hotspot. If you have a really strong password with a unique combination of characters and numbers, it will be absolutely secure. You will always be in control of your Wi-Fi network.

When you no longer need a Wi-Fi hotspot, please turn it off to reduce the use of expensive mobile data. Go to Settings > Personal Hotspot and enable the disable hotspot feature.


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