Google releases Pixel 7 & 7 Pro with redesigned cameras, new colors, and fall release date

We’re months away from an anticipated release, but Google is already giving us an early glimpse here at Google I / O 2022 with a few details about the upcoming Pixel 7 series, including full renders of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro in multiple colors. And if you’re familiar with the recent iPhone 14 leaks, in a bizarre way, it will be familiar, with a similar pill-and-dot cutout for the cameras.

The overall industrial design remains about the same as it was last generation, and Google is sticking with the visor-like camera strip (which Google calls the “Pixel camera bar), but it looks like the company is swapping the plastic curves and rectangular glass expanse for an almost robocop-looking metal frame that encompasses even more of the visor. It’s … an interesting look. Prior leaks showed an oval shape around the camera on the back of the phones, but this sort of styling was not immediately apparent at the time.


The change to the camera strip’s design might reduce internal reflections in the rear glass since there’s less of it, and that might make a dent against the issues we saw with the Pixel 6 series when it came to lens flare in resulting photos. Although we have not heard many reports of fragility problems with the Pixel 6’s visor, metal is also a little more impact resistant than glass, and having more of it will probably increase durability a little.

In the case of the Pixel 7 Pro (named thusly according to the image files provided), Google’s going with a pill-and-dot shape to accommodate what appears to be three rear cameras – presumably, a configuration similar to last year’s Pixel 6 Pro , with what looks like a folded periscope telephoto camera augmented by two more traditionally round-framed cameras. The overall shape looks weirdly like recent leaks for the iPhone 14’s display, which is rumored to drop the notch in favor of similar-shaped cutouts. Of course, this is on the back, not the front, and the reasons for the change are almost certainly entirely different, but it’s an interesting coincidence.

The smaller Pixel 7 makes do with a simpler pill-only configuration for what looks like two total cameras – we have to assume that it is skipping out on the telephoto that the “Pro” Pixel appears to get again.

Likely camera details for the Pixel 7 series are rumored to be unchanged, with Google anticipated to stick with the same primary and ultra-wide sensors as last year’s Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. Google does not have a habit of frequently changing its camera sensors, since it tunes its image processing so precisely for each one, so it’s pretty likely we’ll see these stick around for even longer still.

I can not be sure if these renders are to scale, but comparing the relative heights in pure pixels (te he) of the provided images, the Pixel 7 looks again like it will not be substantially smaller than the Pixel 7 Pro, with around a 3-4% difference in apparent height between the two models. That essentially matches the size relationship between the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, though some rumors have indicated that the Pixel 7 would have a slightly smaller screen than the Pixel 6.

Google may also be going with more demure colors for the 7 series if these renders are accurate, with black and white models for both sizes shown. The 7 Pro has a somewhat fun copperish and green colorway shown, while the 7 has a sort of pale chiffon yellow with gold metal accents. Again, the Pro line looks like it’s getting a polished metal finish, while the non-pro has matte (both aluminum).

Google has confirmed that the Pixel 7 will still be powered by Tensor, with the “next generation” of the company’s in-house chipset planned to power the phone. Concrete speeds and feeds were not provided, but Google offered the typical tech platitudes for faster performance and new technologies. Prior leaks indicated we might see a chip called the GS102, code-named “Cloudripper” inside it, together with another Samsung-made modem, the g5300b. They’re expected to ship with Android 13.

Google does have another phone up its sleeve today, with the Tensor-powered Pixel 6a landing on July 28th at the same $ 449 price as the (excellent) Pixel 5a. At the keynote, Google also announced the Pixel Watch, the Pixel Buds Pro, a yet-unnamed Tensor-powered Android tablet coming in 2023, and Google’s first pair of AR glasses since Glass was announced a decade ago.

More information about the Pixel 7 series may be available in the coming months – Google has a habit in recent years of taking charge during the leak season buildup to release, responding to details with its own announcements about upcoming features and changes.


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