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Hello everyone and welcome to the week. It’s time to take another look back at the remarkable updates of the past seven days. It looks like the ice has finally been properly shaken off by the holidays, and as a result, we’ve got plenty of updates to choose from. I’ve grabbed a bag of them for you to mull over when you find yourself on Monday. Or behind you, depending on the time zone you’re in and when this article is posted. Of course, you can keep up with updates yourself by participating in the TouchArcade forums. This weekly recap is just here to fill you in on things you might have missed. Let’s go for it!

MARVEL SNAP:, Free I already did a whole separate story about this update late last week, but I really like this game so I’ll include it again here. This update adds some new UI features and you can now see which artist did the artwork for each card. Some cards were broken, some cards were nerfed, and some cards were moved from their previous pools to lower tier cards. You can also select your preferred version of the card to make it easier to find. Not bad.

Jetpack JoyrideWith so many potential choices for Free Events, it’s interesting to see Jetpack Joyride choose to cross with his Halfbrick stablemate, Fruit Ninja. The Cut & Run event unlocks Sensei costumes, the Fruit Jetpack, and more. Sure, it sounds like a fun idea. I can’t even remember if it’s been done before, but I’m guessing it probably has. Truly new events for this game are rare these days.

Toon Blast:, Free Our must-have free-to-play matching puzzle game update is so must-have this week, friends! I’m pressed for time again, and that means we rely on the old believers. Toon Blast: has fifty new levels to play, and there is some information in the update notes that they are part of a new episode called Mission Accomplished. Those words conjure up one image, and one image only. I won’t elaborate because it’s too easy to drive some people crazy and I’m too tired to deal with it anymore if I don’t have to.

Water stoneApple Arcade’s popular puzzler has a fresh new update to enjoy, and it’s got some goodies to dig into. Cosmic Darkside has expanded, and that means you’ve got some work to do. It’s not all hustle and bustle, though. You can find some new outfits, among other things, and a new hat stand has been opened. I bet it sells hats. But if it doesn’t, that would be a complete trick to play on me. In principle, I should have respected such a move.

Super Leap DayAlas, 2023 is not a leap year. I am glad that the developers Super Leap Day anyway they pick themselves up and carry on. The latest version adds a new Windy Skies theme to the game, with wind funnels, fluffy clouds, parachutes and some fresh enemies. As always, you must remember to leap before you look. Or is it the opposite? I can never keep it organized and order is so important there. I guess someone will check it for me later.

Episode XOXO:,

Game of hearts continues this update to the Apple Arcade version Episode:, with brand new chapters to play. Can you keep it together around the star basketball player you’re in love with, or are you about to go on a love spree? As always, the choice is yours. Good luck getting that smooch! Make the right decisions and it will be… a slam dunk?

Fire Emblem HeroesFree I hit this drum quite often when a Fire Emblem Heroes update is coming, and I’ll punch it in here again because there aren’t many other ways to fill a paragraph. most updates to this game are pretty minor these days. Like this. Some new skills were added for Legendary Hero Leif and Legendary Hero Altina, and Meisterbogen and Ragnell Alondit can be upgraded at the Weapon Refinery. That’s it. But with a new one Fire emblem With main access starting this week on Switch, there’s more exciting stuff coming soon.

Disney Magic KingdomsFree Okay, now that everyone’s gone, I’m free to move on to the last one Disney Magic Kingdoms update Mr. Stork arrives in the kingdom and he is here to reunite Mrs. Jumbo and her son Dumbo. You can also add the Casey Jr. Circus Train to your garden. Also with this update, Season 3 kicks off bringing with it some content related to some pretty cool Pixar movies. Soul and: Luca. Complete tasks, get rewards. That simple.

Fighting Fantasy ClassicsFree It has been a few minutes since the previous book was added Fighting Fantasy Classics. The latest addition is very near and dear to me, Meeting with FEAR. You create your own superhero and battle the evil forces of FEAR, putting the very stakes of Titan City on the line. A fun story that knows when to turn on the cheese and one I’ll happily dive into anytime. The winner of the desired UMMSotW: award is an easy choice this week.

MARVEL Future Fight:Free And we’ll wrap things up by looking at the latest version Marvel Future Fight:, which is holding an event called Moon Temple Defenders. New uniforms for Miles Morales, War Tiger, and Shadow Shell are on deck, as is the new Dispatch Mission Sector 13. Shadow Shell’s Tier-4 is now available along with Tier-3 Miles Morales. Definitely some slick looking new themes for all the characters involved.

That wraps up the important updates from last week. I’m sure I’ve missed some, however, please feel free to comment below and let everyone know if you think anything should be mentioned. As usual, the major updates will probably get their news this week, and I’ll be back next Monday to recap and fill in the gaps. Have a great week!



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