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After announcing new Mac and HomePod models last week, Apple adjusted its trade-in prices for select devices in the United States.

iPhone trade-in values ​​are down as low as $80, and most Android smartphones are also down. Mac trade-in values ​​remained unchanged or increased by up to $40 depending on the model, while some Apple Watch models increased in value and others decreased. Trade-in values ​​have not changed for any iPad model.

Apple’s latest trading values ​​are listed below.


  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: up to $570 (vs. $650)
  • iPhone 13 Pro: up to $470 (vs. $550)
  • iPhone 13: up to $400 (vs. $450)
  • iPhone 13 mini: up to $350 (vs. $380)
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: up to $400 (vs. $480)
  • iPhone 12 Pro: up to $330 (vs. $400)
  • iPhone 12: up to $300 (vs. $300)
  • iPhone 12 mini up to $250 (down from $250)
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation): up to $100 (vs. $100)
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max: up to $280 (vs. $330)
  • iPhone 11 Pro: up to $230 (vs. $250)
  • iPhone 11: up to $200 (vs. $200)
  • iPhone XS Max: Up to $200 (vs. $200)
  • iPhone XS up to $160 (down from $160)
  • iPhone XR up to $150 (up from $150)
  • iPhone X up to $130 (up from $130)
  • iPhone 8 Plus: Up to $100 (vs. $100)
  • iPhone 8 up to $75 (down from $75)
  • iPhone 7 Plus: up to $50 (vs. $60)
  • iPhone 7 up to $40 (vs. $40)


  • iPad Pro up to $445 (vs. $445)
  • iPad Air up to $230 (vs. $230)
  • iPad up to $160 (vs. $160)
  • iPad mini up to $240 (vs. $240)


  • MacBook Pro up to $670 (vs. $630)
  • MacBook Air up to $460 (vs. $440)
  • MacBook: up to $110 (vs. $100)
  • iMac Pro: up to $600 (vs. $600)
  • iMac up to $530 (vs. $530)
  • Mac Pro up to $1,250 (down from $1,250)
  • Mac mini up to $340 (vs. $305)

Apple Watch

  • Apple Watch Series 7: up to $160 (vs. $155)
  • Apple Watch Series 6: up to $105 (vs. $105)
  • Apple Watch SE: up to $65 (vs. $70)
  • Apple Watch Series 5: up to $75 (vs. $80)
  • Apple Watch Series 4: Up to $45 (vs. $45)

A full list of trade-in values, including those for Android smartphones, can be found on Apple’s trade-in website.

(Thanks, Brad P.!)

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