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Amazon says it has begun supporting the Matter smart home interoperability protocol over Wi-Fi on many of its Echo devices, effective Monday. The online retailer said last month that it planned to roll out Matter support over Wi-Fi to lights, switches and smart plugs, but that it would wait for more devices to support Matter using the Thread radio protocol. It joins Google, which last week rolled out support for Matter devices on its hubs, Nest Audio devices and its Wi-Fi routers. Unlike Amazon, Google supports Matter over Wi-Fi and Thread initially, and supports a wider range of devices.

Kevin can control his Christmas tree lights connected to Eve Energy using the Nest Hub. Image by KC Tofel

Amazon’s Matter support will launch for Android devices and the following 17 Echo devices: Echo Dot (5th Gen), Echo Dot (5th Gen) with watch, Echo (4th Gen), Echo Dot (3rd Gen, 2018 release), Echo Studio . , Echo Show 8 (2nd Gen, 2021 release), Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen), Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen, 2021 release), Echo Show 15, Echo Dot (Gen 3 Clock), Echo Dot (Gen 4 with Clock ), Echo Show 5, Echo (v3), Echo Dot Gen 4, Echo Input, Echo Flex, and Echo Show 8.

Next year, Amazon will add support for Matter to more devices and eventually support Thread. In an interview with Amazon Chief Engineer Chris DeCenzo in late October, he explained that the company wanted to make sure its customers had a smooth experience and supported Thread and additional devices as Amazon became more comfortable with the end user. experience. Amazon may be right to do so.

We actually tested Google’s Matter implementation with the Eve smart plug and its Eve Motion sensor update, and had a bit of trouble getting it to work. Also, while the Matter feature was finalized in October, there are few devices today that actually support Matter in the wild. There are nearly 200 Matter-ready devices that have the technical capabilities to support Matter, but are awaiting an update expected in the coming months. Right now, my house has three Matter controllers (from Amazon, Google, and SmartThings), but no edge hubs.

I’ve ordered the Eve Smart Energy Plug (which Kevin tested last week using Google) to try playing with Matter in my own home, but updating most of the devices in my home looks like it’s going to be a piecemeal thing. : it will happen within months. And based on the different strategies of Google, Amazon, and Samsung SmartThings, it’s clear that even my controllers will have different capabilities in the near future. As for Apple and HomeKit devices, Apple has said that all Matter accessories will work with the HomeKit API, but so far Matter devices do not work with Apple’s two Matter hubs based on Kevin’s testing.

For those of us who have been eagerly awaiting Matter since its initial announcement in December 2019, the wait over the next few months will probably be excruciating, but it’s probably the right thing to do.


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