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A South Korean court ruled Thursday that Apple did not intentionally slow down the performance of its iPhones, dismissing a 2 billion won (US$1.64 million) lawsuit filed by about 9,800 Korean smartphone buyers against the United States electronics giant, a report said this morning. against giant.

Agreed The Korea Herald:“The appeal is terminated,” the judge of the court said briefly, without elaborating on the reason for the ruling. The decision also states that the plaintiffs are responsible for all attorneys’ fees.

The ruling comes five years after a Korean electronics consumer group filed a civil lawsuit seeking 200,000 won each in what was then considered the largest class-action lawsuit in Korean history, with about 64,000 plaintiffs initially.

The lawsuit alleged that Apple pushed users of the iPhone 6, 7 and their variants to perform a software upgrade in 2016 that caused the mobile processors to slow down, forcing users to replace their products with newer ones. Users also claimed that they were not given any advance notice about what is also known as “throttling” after the update.

Apple has denied the claims, saying the phone slowdown is designed to preserve old battery life after a software update, not to sell new products.

Finally, the report notes that “Hannuri, a law firm representing users, said in a statement Thursday that the ruling underscores the need for changes in Korea’s judicial system so that all those who have been harmed by illegal behavior do not have to attend court. at the session. lawsuit, as well as a discovery process to compel plaintiffs and defendants to disclose evidence that must be presented at the outset of the trial.”



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