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IF YOU ARE Part of the Apple community, you know that almost nothing in its catalog is cheap. The top-of-the-line iPhone 14 in particular costs north of $1,000, and that’s before adding essential accessories like a good iPhone wallet case, a pair of AirPods (and a case for your AirPods Pro, too). more. So it’s no wonder you want to protect your investment. That’s why we recommend getting a good iPhone case and screen protector before anything else.

But there’s another way to protect your iPhone that most people never think about: a good charger cable. It might seem silly to spend $30 or more on cable when $5 options are available next to Skittles at your local drugstore checkout line. However, trust us. those cables are garbage, and the inconsistent, uneven charging they deliver over time can damage your precious iPhone.

We’re not saying you should drop over $100 on a premium iPhone charger cable. There are great models available for around $25, while even the best iPhone charger cables won’t cost you more than $50. This is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to protect your new Apple iPhone. And you don’t have to stick to Apple’s all-white-everything design ethos. There are iPhone charger cables available in different materials, colors and lengths. If you’re ready to upgrade your iPhone charger cable, we’ve done the research for you to compare the best-selling models. Here are the best iPhone charger cables worth buying in 2022.

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Best iPhone charger cable overall


Nylon USB-C to Lightning charging cable

Available lengths 1 foot, 3.3 feet, 6 feet, 10 feet
MFi certified? yes
Topics Woven nylon, fiber

The longest-lasting iPhone charger cable


Lightning Cable USB-C Kevlar (1.5 meters)

Available lengths 0.3 meters, 1.5 meters, 3 meters
MFi certified? yes
Topics Double woven Kevlar

Best official iPhone charger cable


Apple Lightning to USB cable (1 meter)

Available lengths 0.5 meters, 1 meter, 2 meters
MFi certified? yes
Topics Double woven Kevlar

Best Right Angle iPhone Charger Cable


USB-C to 90 degree Lightning cable (6 feet)

Available lengths 3 feet, 6 feet
MFi certified? yes
Topics Unspecified

Best LED Lighting iPhone Charger Cable


Smart LED Charging Cable USB-C to Lightning (4ft)

Available lengths 4 feet
MFi certified? yes
Topics Appearance of double braided nylon cable

The most stylish iPhone charging cable

Homeland union

Belt Cable USB-C to Lightning (4 feet)

Available lengths 4 feet
MFi certified? yes
Topics Woven nylon

The best iPhone charger cable for travel


Powerline II 3-in-1 cable

Available lengths 4 feet
MFi certified? yes
Topics Proprietary bullet fiber reinforcement

Best Short iPhone Charger Cable


Short iPhone Charger Cable (6 inches)

Available lengths 6 inches
MFi certified? yes
Topics Braided nylon cable

How to buy the best iPhone charger cable

Some iPhone accessories like charging cubes and charger cables seem like an afterthought. But, in our experience, you really do get what you pay for. If you’re looking to drop a grand or more on the next-gen smartphone, it’s worth spending a little extra on branded accessories to go along with it. Skip the $5 drugstore cables and buy the best iPhone charger cable you can afford. Here’s what to look for.


Most iPhone charger cables, especially from third-party brands, are made of cheap plastic that isn’t designed to last more than a year. Look for a high-quality, reinforced plastic or rubber or, better yet, woven nylon construction. These are built to last for years, especially useful in households with pets that like to chew. Plus, they look cool and are usually tangle-free.

MFi certification

The MFi program is basically Apple’s stamp of approval on the overall functionality of third-party products. MFi certified accessories, such as iPhone charger cables, are guaranteed to work safely with all iOS products. To avoid potential headaches and the risk of damaging your iPhone, we recommend only using charger cables labeled as MFi certified.


The right length of your iPhone charger cable is entirely up to you. For travelers who like to pack light and may frequently use their iPhone with the backup battery plugged in (like in airports or trains), or commuters who use Google Maps while connected to their car, it can be extreme short cable. more convenient. For anyone who likes to lounge on the couch or in bed while charging their phone from a wall outlet, a six-foot or longer cable is probably better. It’s a matter of personal preference based on how you use (and charge) your phone.


Fortunately, most iPhone charger cables are very affordable. There are some great models available from Belkin and Anker for around $20-$25. For a premium upgrade to something more stylish, check out the best iPhone charger cables like Nomad Goods. Whichever option you choose, you never need to spend more than $50 on a decent cable.

How we picked the best iPhone charging cables

Besides genuine Apple iPhone charger cables, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of third-party options. We researched and personally tested dozens of best-selling models from top accessory makers like Anker and Belkin, as well as our favorite small shops like Native Union and Nomad Goods. We’ve paid close attention to every feature and specification, including durability, materials, available lengths, charging reliability and price. The list above is our honest pick of the eight best iPhone charger cables worth buying in 2022.

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