10 Best Elden Ring Mods

It was thanks to mods that the original PC port Dark Souls: has reached a stable and respectable state. After the technical wrinkles were ironed out, modders began to expand and improve the game in many ways to keep the game fresh. Years later, those same talented modders moved on to FromSoftware’s latest and greatest title, Elden Ring. With plenty of time to learn the game, there are tons of mods that can not only fix the game’s nagging issues, but add entirely new ways to play. Here are some of the best mods out there Elden ring.

How to modify the Elden Ring

Since Elden ring available on PC, where the modding scene is most popular. However, if this is your first time modding a game, it can sound a bit confusing. Fortunately, the process is very simple, and even this video tutorial can show you the basics of changing your game in less than three minutes.

Seamless Co-op

Elden Ring uses a more advanced form of summoning systems from the Dark Souls series, but still has limitations, most notably companions who have to exit your game after each boss or death. The Seamless Co-op mode aims to play the entire game with a partner without any interruptions when players die, bosses are beaten, and without walls of fog. They are still working on it, but it is already working very well.

Elden Ring Ultimate Cheat Engine Table

You beat me once Elden Ring on your second, third, or eighth time, you might just want to see what you can do to break the game. It Elden Ring Ultimate Cheat Engine Table gives you the keys to the castle and allows you to basically modify the game yourself to do things like create your own spells, create bosses, edit stats, use freecam and much more.

Elden Ring item and Enemy Randomizer

Elden Ring character screen with random items from the mod.

Randomizers are one of the most popular mods in any game. Simply changing the enemies, objects, and bosses you face at any given time can breathe new life into even the most popular games. Naturally, that Elden Ring The Item and Enemy Randomizer will make all items found in the world, from enemies, bosses and shops, plus the enemies and bosses you find completely random every time you play.

Easy mod for Elden Ring

Put away your “right” comments now and just accept the fact that for some peopleElden Ring it would be more fun if it wasn’t so punishing. This easy mod Elden Ring The mod gives you three options to adjust the difficulty to your taste: Damage Tweak Only, which reduces incoming damage and reduces the damage you take, Damage Tweak + 10x Rune (and 2x Flask Heal), which does everything from the first plus gives is you double the healing plates and reduce the cost of weapon upgrades. The final version is the Personal Edit, which includes everything before, plus a number of other benefits, such as removing weight limits and leaving nothing for any FP.

Performance Boost:

As much as FromSoftware has improved its PC ports, there are still issues that PC gamers aren’t used to. Even though there have been patches, it still falls on mods like the Performance Boost mod to make the game run the way you want it to. With this setup you can boost fps, fix invisible enemies and remove taxing features like rain, dimensional effects and grass.

Berserker Armor and Dragon Slayer

Berserker Armor in the Elden Ring.

crazy Referenced in FromSoftware’s entire library of games and is one of the simplest inspirations. Instead of being a heavy tribute, the Berserker Armor and Dragon Slayer mode simply lets you play as the black swordsman himself, complete with his iconic weapon and armor.

Stop the game

Really, what else is there to say about this mode? Everyone at some point, like it or not, will have a moment where they need to pause the game, and that’s exactly what the Pause the game mod gives you.

NPCs and Bosses Spirit Summs

Added spirit in Elden Ring with player using mod.

Spirit Summons is a new feature elden ring and there are dozens of adorable ghost companions you can bring into battle with you. However, NPCs and Bosses Spirit Summons mode brings in a ton of NPCs and bosses, including Malenia and Radagon, as summonable allies.

Elden Ring Ascended Mod:

If you’ve mastered the game and need a new challenge, then Elden ring Ascended Mod will make you think twice. This mode changes enemy physics and AI, gives armor, talismans and weapons new effects and adds three difficulty options: Normal, where enemies deal 50% more damage than the base game, Nightmare, where more There are many enemies and bosses, plus you. start with permanent debuffs and Age of Stars. This final mode combines everything from the previous two challenges, as well as keeping the world in perpetual night so that elite enemies will always spawn.

ERR – Elden ring reworked

On the other hand, ERR – Elden Ring Reforged isn’t necessarily trying to make the game harder, but it’s redefining the experience nonetheless. It does this by adding new mechanics like distractions and luck, equipment rebalancing, modified enemy AI, and more. This mod also allows you to change some difficulty options at any Grace site, but most interestingly, however, is the ability to re-fight any defeated boss by visiting the Roundtable Hold.

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