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Metal Gear Solid PS5 remake The announcement will be published by May 2023, according to the website, which “leaked” its existence last month. Areajugones, who has a mixed reputation for leaks, claims there’s a “high” chance we’ll hear something between February and March, and fans believe recent events hint at something coming soon. will happen on that front.

Would Bluepoint Games tease a Metal Gear Solid PS5 remake in December?

Back in December, Bluepoint Games released a holiday card for fans that contained a tease for its mysterious project. Some people believe that the wrapped box is a direct reference to Metal Gear Solid. Others aren’t so sure.

It’s worth noting that these Metal Gear Solid remake rumors refer to the original release, as opposed to the reported Metal Gear Solid 3 remake.

Reddit is an interesting place for conspiracy theories, with some fans believing that this rumor was started on purpose to catch a PS Plus leaker who has been sharing unannounced listings with several sites, including Areajugones. Others say that the recent PlayStation state of affairs rumors combined with Fortnite hinting at a Gray Fox character coming after March and an MGS producer teasing an announcement all line up perfectly.

Anything is possible after Silent Hill, so never say never.


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