Wipro disables 452 updaters for poor performance in internet test

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New Delhi, Jan 22: Days after thousands of Google and Microsoft employees were laid off across the globe, now Wipro, one of India’s leading IT companies, has also announced layoffs.

According to the report, Wipro has fired hundreds of new hires citing their poor performance. The company recently conducted an internal performance review, and the lowest-scoring employees are being asked to leave.

The report said the company was expected to lay off 800 employees, but Wipro said the number was lower than that.

“We had to let go of 452 recruits after they scored poorly even after training,” Wipro said.

“At Wipro, we pride ourselves on holding ourselves to the highest standards. In line with the standards we aim to set for ourselves, we expect each entry-level employee to have a certain level of expertise in their assigned job field,” says the IT company.

“The appraisal process includes assessments to align employees with the organization’s business goals and the needs of our customers. A systematic and comprehensive performance evaluation process entails mentoring and training, and in some cases, separation of individual employees from the company,” the company added.

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Further, Wipro has reportedly sent a termination letter to the affected employees, saying that the employees must pay Rs 75,000 that the company spent on their training. However, Wipro said in the same letter that the company has refused the money.

“We wish to inform you that the tuition fee of Rs 75,000 which you are liable to pay will be waived,” the termination letter said. In a conversation with the publication, the newcomer, who was fired due to poor performance, said: “I received an offer letter in January 2022, but after months of delay, they seated me. And now they are firing me, giving me an excuse for a test?”

Notably, the tech industry is going through tough times. Last week, Google and Microsoft, the two largest technology companies, laid off 22,000 employees worldwide. The CEOs of both Google and Microsoft have taken full responsibility for the layoffs, implying that the companies have been overstaffed in recent years.

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