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Oh boy, I bet this list could have 100 items if we had the time…

I’m talking about what normal people think has been destroyed by the invention of the internet, and these folks at AskReddit were nice enough to let us know what they think about it.

Let’s take a look.


This is the scary part.

Not only are algorithms identifying children, but social spaces like Twitter have teenagers stating their age, beliefs, political stances on every topic, and sometimes traumatic motivations.”

“Secret things.

Before the internet, you had to really know about certain things in the world. A beautiful camp where only a few people know about it, some hidden rules at Disneyland, and more.

When people post about it, everything changes and nothing is special anymore.”

“Hearing parties. I was a teenager in the late 1970s.

My buds and I would get together on Sunday afternoons and bring three albums each. Then we would listen to music until dark and listen to stuff that wasn’t in our collections. At these listening parties, I first heard many things that people today call classics.

I was a big fan of Yes and ELP. David was involved with Rush, Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull. Joey was in Black Sabbath, Van Halen and The Doors. Joey’s older brother had Kamal, Kahn and some stuff I don’t remember, other than it was good.

I don’t think we ever had a name for this. We should all listen to each other’s favorite music and hang out. It was a lot of fun and I miss it. I can’t imagine something like this surviving in the internet age, but something cool has been lost.

This afternoon I fell for some old vinyl and listened to some Alan Parsons and Jimi Hendrix. Only on a rainy Sunday afternoon.”

“Conspiracy theories.

It used to be something interesting to listen to or be curious about. You would meet a real conspiracy theorist by chance or rarely, or see one in a movie.

Now everyone has an aunt, uncle or friend who’s just gone off the deep end, and it’s just sad.”


I love getting magazines in the mail.

I couldn’t wait for Monday when Time and Newsweek came out.”

“Pawn shops / thrift stores.

In the past, you could get some great finds at some of the stores that specialize in one thing or another.

Now they just take the item and go on ebay and buy it for the same price.”

“Attention includes:

This: I no longer feel like I can just wonder about things, I have to seek it out.

I never thought the endless streams of information could be my downfall, but here we are.”

“I used to have a pen pal.

Then we both got internet and the novelty wore off.”

“Little nights in bars.

People who cheat in bars during trivia at night are s**t people.”

“Romantic relationships.

People on social media spread so much toxicity and make you overthink every little thing, it’s crazy.”

“More tourism to beautiful, beautiful and clean places.

They don’t watch someone’s post go viral or influencers go there.”


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