Van Lathan believes the Internet is killing people

As a presenter Hip hop murdersVan Lathan takes an inside look at some of the culture’s most famous deaths. From King Fon to Pop Smoke to XXXTentacion, the production sits down with loved ones and investigators as they try to reconcile hip hop’s tragedies. The podcast caught up with him recently VladTV: for an extensive interview, and during the conversation, Lathan was asked about the most shocking thing he’s learned from being attached to the series.

“How much the internet is killing people,” he said. “Undoubtedly.”

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The growing influence of social media has been highlighted by experts. Investigators have reportedly claimed that Pop Smoke’s killers were able to track down his whereabouts after the rapper posed for photos in front of his rented house.

“I was profoundly changed by it Hip hop murders,” Lathan continued. “I talked to eight mothers, fathers, I talked to a few people’s children.” Moreover, he added: “I just see the pain that many of these things cause.”

ATLANTA, GA – AUGUST 29: Rapper King Von attends Compound Saturday Nights at Compound on August 29, 2020 in Atlanta, GA. (Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage)

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“So the reason for me to say the Internet is that there are points now,” Lathan said. “And in many of our cases, if the Internet wasn’t suspicious, it was complicit. It was where everyone pushed each other, it was where you would get exposure. It was the audience pushing your buttons to go do something or have something done to you.”

He also clarified that he does not “blame the internet for the death of these artists. Lathan recognized that the kinds of issues that lead to such violent actions existed long before the World Wide Web.

“What I’m saying is, I really didn’t realize how much we were going to talk about Twitter. How much more would we talk about people who have given up their location?

Check out more from Van Lathan VladTV: above.

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