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The video has garnered more than 9.8 million views on Instagram.

Fathers have their own way of expressing love to their children. One such video has surfaced online, shared by a visual artist. The video shows what the father does every time he drops her off at the train station. Her cute act is winning the hearts of the internet.

A viral video posted by Pawan Sharma on October 28, 2022 shows Mr. Sharma’s father walking on a train. In a post, Mr Sharma explained his father’s kind gesture, he wrote: “Every time my father comes to leave me… And he walks with me until I’m gone.” In the title he wrote: “It’s emotional every time.”

Watch the video here.

The video has garnered more than 9.8 million views on Instagram. The video touched the netizens, one of the users wrote: “My father does the same every time he comes to see me off.” Another user wrote: “It’s their way of showing love.”

A third user commented: “Only he knows how sad he was at that time and he can’t cry just because he is a man.”

A fourth user said: “Such a beautiful post. Now everyone takes Uber… no one comes to drop off or pick up. To look out and see someone come to welcome you is priceless. Likewise, heavy feeling. as a train departs from those you love.”

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