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Stefanos Tsitsipas’ latest tweet could have landed him in hot water. The 24-year-old could have made a mistake by spreading a plagiarized quote on the Internet. However, fans reacted wildly to her latest inspirational quote. Asking many questions about the Greek tennis player.


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The Greek tennis player posts many inspiring stories on his Twitter microblog. This can raise many questions about what a tennis player is thinking.

Fans unhappy with Stephanos Tsitsipas’ dubbing thoughts


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The 2021 French Open finalist recently took to his social media account to share a quote.

He wrote: “Copying from someone is plagiarism. copy from both, it’s research.”

Commenting on the 24-year-old’s research philosophy, tennis fans couldn’t keep their cool and flooded the comments section. A tennis player for a not-so-good job of choosing the wrong quote for the right time.

Here are some comments.

A fan mocked the tennis player and called him names “King of Research”.

Another fan wrote: “We know you didn’t go to school dear.”

While some fans showed him that his work was duplicated.

One fan wrote: “Lmaoooo, we already knew you only copied from one 😭 (2011 by the way). and others wrote. “Copy from three, it’s Stephanos.”

Dive deeper

“He is a fighter.” Novak Djokovic congratulates Stefanos Tsitsipas after his victory in the semi-finals of the French Open 2020.

about 2 years ago

Moreover, some fans criticized the 24-year-old football player. One fan wrote: “HE CAN’T BE SERIOUS.” and others called him “The girl is frivolous.”

Here are some additional comments.

Earlier this month, when the Greek ATP player made a statement against current feminism, tennis fans slammed him.


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Tsitsipas’ interpretation of modern feminism

The Greek tennis player, who is ranked No. 4 in the ATP rankings, made a tweet that sparked outrage on Twitter, especially from renowned tennis coach Rene Stubbs. The 24-year-old tennis player believed that regardless of origin and gender, everyone should be treated equally. And he added that modern feminism has moved away from the concept of gender equality and degraded men.

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What do you think about the Greek player’s plagiarized tweets? Let us know in the comments below.


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