The strange recipe of Oreo pizza has left the Internet in disgust, the video has gone viral.

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Last updated. December 30, 2022, 10:15 am IST

The strange recipe of Oreo pizza leaves the Internet in disgust. (Image: Instagram/@pizzaspatos)

A video that is now going viral shows a recipe called ‘Pizza de Oreo’.

The internet is filled with videos and photos of weird fusion dishes. From time to time you may come across strange dishes. This time it’s Oreo Pizza. Yes, you heard that right. A video that is now going viral shows a recipe called ‘Pizza de Oreo’. The video was posted by Pizza Patos while they were promoting one of their dishes. “Don’t try to please everyone, you’re not pizza,” the inscription reads. In the video, you can see a thick pizza crust with Oreos spread all over the place.

As the video progresses, a person squeezes the crust only to see chocolate drip out of it. The crust also has white chocolate and some dark chocolate chips and toppings. Watch the viral video.

After the upload, the video has collected more than 142 thousand likes. “Heart attack,” commented an Instagram user. People don’t seem too impressed with the dish, as many say it’s the equivalent of diabetes. “This is the first time I don’t want to eat sweets,” wrote another.

Meanwhile, a strange video of the process of making an omelette was shared on the internet earlier, which made all the omelette lovers uncomfortable. In a clip making the rounds online, a man can be seen preparing for his test profession by placing eggs in a cup. However, later in the video, he adds Oreo pieces to it. He also adds chocolate syrup to it. After mixing everything, put it in a pan, add Oreo cookies and let it cook. The video shows the man commenting on how bad the dish looks.

Earlier, an Indian food vendor experimented with the traditional ingredients of this dish by adding coco-cola and Oreos to it. A strange video of his process of making an omelet has been shared on the Internet, which has upset all omelette lovers. In a clip doing the rounds online, an Indian salesman can be seen preparing for his test profession by heating a frying pan with a few drops of oil. The beginning seems ordinary, but it turns strange when the seller empties a small bottle of Coca-Cola into a pan. Well, that wasn’t enough, then he opens a small package of Oreo cookies and crushes them all in a pan, thus making his strange sauce for the omelette.

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