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Flight attendant Cierra Mist is blowing up all over the internet with a spicy story about hanging out at a hotel with a group of pilots who were known for inviting people back to their rooms for sheer fun.

There’s a lot of talk about what it’s like to be a flight attendant or pilot, revolving around the mile-high club and other luxury experiences associated with the so-called golden age of travel. But in 2022, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was just rumours.

According to Cierra Mist, however, some wild things still went on in her career. Enter: his latest “spicy” story posted TikTok:. Although he insists that “this is a joke for legal reasons,” he appears to be taking his recounting of events seriously.

WATCH: Cierra Mist reveals the scariest story shared with pilots

In the story, Sierra says that one day while working as a flight attendant, she arrived at her hotel rather late. He says he got to sit with a group of 9 other airline employees, including several pilots who were known to have a lot of fun in the bedroom. In this regard, when he checked in, he says he got a strange look from the receptionist.

“He gave me this look. “Girl, you better get ready tonight.”

Sierra Mist

Not having much of a choice since he was booked into the same room as the pilots, however, Mist claims that he just hoped they would finish their “fun” since it was so late, and immediately went to the room to try. and go to sleep.

His hopes were dashed. He walked in to find the pilots and a few other people having quite a bit of fun. One of them even asked her if she would like to join. Sierra refused, horrified, and went to sleep.

“When I get to the room, it’s in the middle of the fun… There was a very special smell that I never want to smell again.”

Sierra Mist

TikTok commenters were quick to add their two cents. One wrote: “Who else but a swamp?” One said: “It’s a good time for a career change. Sign me up.”

“I’m in the wrong career,” said another.

Others said the story was a sham, saying it was less believable than an email saying you won a Macbook Pro…

We’ll let you be the judge.

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