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The state of Illinois has been selected to receive $253 million to provide affordable, reliable high-speed Internet to its residents.

The money will be distributed over several years and will focus on rural areas that lack Internet access, as well as communities on Chicago’s South and West Sides.

The money will come from the American Rescue Program and is expected to connect more than 80,000 Illinois households and businesses.

However, it will take some time for the connections to start.


“I would say it could take a year for the federal dollars that we’re seeing today to actually reach the communities of Chicago, but that’s not because there’s already progress at the state level, it’s just taking a little bit of time. put these dollars to work,” said Illinois Governor JB Pritzker.

Illinois, Indiana and North Carolina received broadband funding in this round.

A total of $3.7 billion has been offered to states for enhanced Internet, officials said.



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