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Screenshot taken from the video. Twitter/ @subhash_kak:

Public transport is an integral part of our lives these days. Buses, trucks, cars and many others are commonly seen on roads and highways. They also move quickly across bridges and help carry heavy loads along with passengers. But have you ever seen a bus driving over a deep ditch without a bridge? Well, here it is. The video, which is now going viral on the Internet, shows people using a rope to move the car from one end of the gorge to the other. There is no doubt that the video is scary and quite risky.

A video shared on Twitter by author and scientist Subhash Kack shows the top end of the vehicle being held in place by a hydraulic rope and subsequently moved with its help. While there was no support underneath, the bus managed to cross from one end to the other. The user also added a caption while sharing the video: “Awesome idea for public transport.”


Although the exact location of the video is not known, the video has already shocked social media users. Many took to the comments section and shared their reactions. One user wrote, “Swarg marg (Road to Heaven)”.

Another person wrote: “It’s called heaven-probable express delivery.”

A third user wrote: “No connection.”

Another commented: “Just build a bridge, that would be a great idea… this is too dangerous.”

People in the comments section also pointed out the consequences of using a rope to carry such a heavy rope. The person wrote: “Public transport transfer”, more precisely. Bad design can lead to dangerous consequences.”

Another individual remarked. “It’s a terrible idea. The bus is not optimized for this mode of transport. I wonder how the passengers felt during this hectic phase of their journey.”

The video is going viral and has garnered thousands of views so far.

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