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The video has garnered more than three million views and 53,000 likes.

Videos of kids doing innocent things usually get a lot of attention online. Recently, a cute video of a child boarding a plane and greeting everyone has caught the attention of many Internet users. They can’t stop gushing over the pretty boy. Many people liked the video and it can surely make your Sundays better.

Morrisa Schwartz shared the video on the microblogging platform. In the video, the little boy is seen walking down the aisle of the plane. As he passes through each seat, he shakes each passenger’s hand and they greet him with a smile and kindness. The video was captioned, “What a friendly soul.”

Watch the video here.

Since going viral, the video has garnered more than three million views and 53,000 likes.

“Look at all the smiling faces of this little angel that this little angel did just sweetly, diligently. We can all learn a lesson here,” said the user.

“Oh adorable,” remarked another.

A second person commented. “This was me before society messed me up. Now I just black out or close my eyes.”

“It is a time of joy and happiness, a bond that can help build trust, understanding and respect, and deepen relationships between people. user

One commented: “Look how many smiles he made on that plane!”

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