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A weird and wild theory is going viral on social media following the death of Stephen “tWitch” Boss.

The DJ-turned-choreographer was a mainstay on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and adored by both the cast and viewers of the Emmy-winning show.

On Tuesday, December 13, it turned out that the host of the talk show suddenly committed suicide.

tWitch shot himself in the head at a bar in Los Angeles. Authorities said there were no indications of foul play, but a suicide note was found near her body.

A copy of the memo was obtained by TMZ, and it appeared to contain references to his past troubles. The letter made vague allusions to the problems he was having.

While sources tell The New York Post there is no truth to the rumors that he lost his life savings, it’s unclear what exactly he was in trouble with.

The Los Angeles Medical Examiner’s office found that Stephen “tWitch” Boss’ gunshot wound was self-inflicted. He was in his forties.

Ellen DeGeneres was linked to the death of Stephen “tWitch” Boss.

Some social media users found it strange that two of Ellen DeGeneres’ friends died in the same year, according to Sportskeeda.

You may be aware that Ellen’s ex-girlfriend, Ann Heche, was involved in a car accident in early August, causing burns and inhalation. His death was ruled accidental by the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner.

Although an autopsy revealed otherwise, several people blamed the controversial broadcaster for their deaths.

Some people believed that the death of Steven Boss was orchestrated by Ellen and the Illuminati.

“How many Illuminati conspiracy theorists are going to claim Ellen sacrificed tWitch,” one user said on Twitter.

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Another user noted: “I just didn’t feel comfortable with that tWitch man committing suicide.”

“Illuminati, maybe, Ellen, maybe… Of course, you can’t know a person’s entire existence, but what if they ‘lived themselves’ because of something more sinister?”

“I guarantee I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I feel Twitches death was not a suicide. Ellen is a sneaky creature,” another user tweeted.

“Ellen DeGeneres’ ex Anne Hatch and her sidekick DJ and executive producer (Twitch) died barely months apart,” said a fourth commenter.

Others criticized the conspiracies, calling them disrespectful for promoting tWitch’s untimely death. On the other hand, it encouraged discussion about mental health awareness rather than speculation about the murder or victimization of Stephen Boss and Anne Hatch.

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