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He continues. “I’m sorry kid, I should have kicked you out a while ago. A wolf like me is not for beginners. A wolf like me is not for guys like you.

“You thought you were going to hurt me and I came back stronger… Women don’t cry anymore, women give accounts.”

Then, discovering Pique’s intelligence, he suggests that his former gym-obsessed partner should spend more time training his brain.

Still living in the family home next door to Pique’s mother, he adds: “You left me with my mother-in-law as a neighbor. With the press at my door and debt with the taxman.

To reinforce the message, Shakira placed a life-size witch doll on her balcony overlooking her mother-in-law’s house.

An emotional message on Instagram

On Sunday, the singer posted an emotional message to her 80 million followers on Instagram, in which she described a song called Shakira. Bzrp Music Sessions Vol 53 as perfect and also as an anthem for other women going through breakups.

He wrote: “I never thought about what catharsis would be for me, and the release would go straight to number one in the world in Spanish at the age of 45.

“I want to hug the millions of women who are standing up against those who make us feel insignificant.

“Women who stand up for what they feel and think, and raise their hand when they disagree, even though others raise their eyebrows. They are my inspiration.

“And this achievement is not only mine, but all of you. We need to stand up 70 x 7.

“Not the way society tells us, but the way we want, the way we want, the way that helps us move forward for our children, for our parents, for those who need us and their hope put on us.”



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