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Donald Trump is so far the only Republican candidate to announce a 2024 presidential run, announcing his intentions in November. Exclusive early announcement, even by today’s standards, there were many comments on social media.

New information is now circulating about the former president’s attempt to return to the White House has netizens ok laughs. For others, it’s not so funny, but if it came true, it would be their worst nightmare.

Trump and the team spat out the vice president’s names

Firebrand Republican U.S. Representative from Georgia and Trump devotee/loyalist Marjorie Taylor Greene is “seeking to be Donald Trump’s 2024 running mate,” according to NBC News. Sources told the media that Trump’s former top aide Steve Bannon said: “He sees himself on Trump’s VP short list. . . . When MTG looks in the mirror, he sees a potential president smiling back.”

He may, according to earlier reports, not want to think about, at least in some ways, being the second Trump to win in 2024.

It was reported by The Daily Beast Names are being thrown out by the presidential candidate and his close circle for “premature draws”. “to rouse his campaign from slumber.” Since announcing his third bid for the White House, the former president has done little or no campaigning The hope is that “hypothetical candidate names floating around might wake Trump up.”

One choice is ideal for Trump loyalists, with Rep. Matt Goetz in a tweet “He should definitely be considered.” But outside of his fan base, it’s a different story…

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green memes. What did the internet say about him as Trump’s VP?

Aside from the many memes of people laughing and the many emojis mimicking the act, the internet had more creative approaches to such a series for the 2024 GOP ticket. Many couldn’t be posted here due to sheer vulgarity, but here’s a look at what netizens have to say about the matter.

Skip the popcorn and snacks

Thelma and Louise

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

It’s just too much to handle…

Another thought they were Trump’s VP

This next one may need a little explanation if you’ve been lucky enough to avoid QAnon conspiracy talk. No need to go into too much detail, JFK Jr is apparently not dead and it is assumed that Trump will be the candidate in 2024.

The other competitors

Unfortunately, although Ms. Greene is trying to position herself as part of the former president’s inner circle and to be among his most loyal followers, he may have some competition…

Sensing the chances of running with a Trump loyalist


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