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After installing Ventura 13.1 I lost internet. All other machines in the house are fine for wifi.

I’m trying to reinstall Catalina to get internet.

When I try Command + Option + Shift + R restart it starts Internet Recovery.

First time I get -2100F error. OK, try again.

The second time I try to restore from a backup, but no backups are found on my external SSD (it’s half full of usable backups on my M2 MacBook, so the SSD is fine).

So instead I’m trying to reinstall Catalina. “Choose the drive you want to reinstall MacOS on”… but no visible drive to choose from.

Go to Disk Utility. Trying to partition the drive… I read somewhere that it should make it visible for remounting. “This container has 525 GB of used space. Its minimum size is 1 TB. This container cannot be partitioned because one or more of its volumes are not mounted.”

Unable to exit Disk Utility due to a pending password creation window for the partition. The pride of these Apple developers.

So I go to the Startup Disk to reboot into Recovery Mode.

What do I do next? Erase entire disk in Disk Utility? Will I be able to reinstall Catalina then?


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