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Elon MuskChief Twit’s disastrous tenure may be coming to an end. The billionaire released a poll asking if he should step down as head of Twitter and promised to follow up on the results. As for the write-in, and after more than 15 million votes, not so good for him, with 57.4% of responses saying he should hit the bricks.

This could be a weird trolling exercise by Musk, an honest admission that he doesn’t have what it takes to run a social media giant, or some weird humiliation fetish. Either way, Twitter users are looking for a new leader. We’re firmly in the @dril camp, but a late candidate may have the experience, attitude and goodwill to succeed.

Yep, straight out of the 2000s… Myspace Tom.

In 2003, Tom Anderson founded Myspace, one of the first social media networks. He became popular with users around the world because he was automatically assigned as the first friend of every user. In 2005, Anderson sold News Corp for $580 million, after which he very wisely stepped away from the drama of Silicon Valley and has since spent his time traveling the world and honing his photography skills.

Users are excited because despite being ridiculously rich, Tom somehow seems to stay sane.

We miss the Myspace profile song feature.

He was truly everyone’s friend.

We can’t if we call this dystopia “great future”, but Tom set us on the right path, and somewhere we lost our way;

Just bring back Myspace already (and Livejournal too while you’re at it).

We’ve always loved the idea of ​​Myspace Tom as a wandering artist who shuns the limelight and seems to be living his best life, so his return to this seedy world will be a big challenge. But hey, he’s got skills, good will, and most importantly, knows that sometimes you just need to run a site with a light touch and not use it as a way to fight your personal battles publicly.

So if @dril is somehow inconsistent, we’re totally ready for the return of Myspace Tom.


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