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Most of us have met sugarbaby lifestyle coach, makeup guru, supermodel, travel influencer, professional STEM instructor (and more) Mia Dio through social media, but what do we know about the satirist behind the character?

We sat down with the woman behind everyone’s favorite sugar to hear her origin story and who inspired her character. Plus, she reveals the hilarious reason she never thought her image would go viral.

Mia tells her origin story

Mia Dio’s character may joke that she’s a STEM instructor (that would be Sugarbaby Training Education in Money), but the author of this content really is a thrill when it comes to academia.


In fact, he took (and passed) so many AP subjects that he graduated from high school at just 16 years old.

From there, he considered going into law and even worked at a law firm for a while.

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So how does an aspiring lawyer end up creating content, instead?

“I was basically a lawyer by profession, and the money I made went to that no funny or cute, and definitely not a material girl.”

Once he realized that law wasn’t for him after all, he quit the firm, but that meant he had to come up with a plan to cover his expenses quickly.

Enter, new roommate – and the start of a whole new chapter.

Mia’s roommate became her inspiration

When Mia Dion met her now-ex-roommate, she was a little confused by the fact that instead of contributing to the rent, he was paying his share of the groceries and “Anything you can put on a credit card.”

“I was like, ‘Okay, interesting…’ Mia remembers.

That interest only grew when she noticed her roommate would come home with piles of designer goods, like Chanel bags (“And a Birkin, for once”) whose value was much higher than the rent.

“I began to ask him where it came from, and after trying to avoid it for a while, he admitted that he was sugar.”

Mia laughs that when she found out the truth, she desperately wanted to be her roommate’s assistant. “So we can spend our days doing hot things for girls.”


However, even though it never came to fruition, he still got a career start thanks to his roommate.

It came in the form of inspiration.

“We couldn’t communicate much because he came straight from Russia, sometimes we even used Google Translate, but he took my son’s problems and tried to give me advice. The advice always went to the absolute. extreme aggressive ending, and I thought it was so hilarious.”

That said, he channeled that inspiration into content only after some time.

Mia talks about the moment she created her now iconic image

Mia and her roommate, speeding to the block, had split up.

Her roommate had moved in with her fiancé, who had turned sugar, and desperate to live in a squalid apartment, Mia then moved in with her boyfriend at his parents’ palatial estate.

“I laughed at the end because he seems to have a much bigger sugar and my boyfriend at the time was 10 years older than me and from a much richer family. I started playing pranks pretending to be my roommate.”

Finally, around November 2020, he decided to share the joke with his friends and family.

“I videotaped myself running around this beautiful house doing one frantic lap for 45 seconds to a minute.” he smiles.

However, he laughs that when he posted it on TikTok, he never expected it to go viral.

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In fact, he never thought anyone outside of his inner circle would see it.

“I posted the video I assumed was ‘for friends only’ and I went to bed. The next morning my friends told me it had a million views and from there it went up to like 23 million. !”

Mia remembers the moment she ran into her roommate

After releasing her first Sugar video, Mia Dio’s following has only continued to grow, but we’re dying to know. what was her former roommate thinking?

“I actually ran into him in Carbon.” he laughs.

“She was there with her sugar, now her husband, and they were so in love, his friend and another young, attractive woman. I look like he arranged a double date.”

“She had a Pomeranian in her purse, I have one now too, and I said the character was based on her.” Mia continues.

“He told me he wasn’t sure if it was based on him or if I started hanging out with a lot more Russian sugars because I missed him.”

Either way, she was a fan, and as anyone who’s spent hours on Mia’s content, it’s certainly not hard to see why.

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