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LUSK – “The City of Luski has been planning and waiting for fiber optic internet for years and it’s finally a reality,” said Stacey McDonald, Visionary Broadband’s vice president of public relations. “It’s exciting to think about how residents will benefit from this lightning-fast option.”

Visionary Broadband has been providing standard internet speed and connectivity to residents of Lusk for years. Known as VCN, they have a small but loyal customer base already established.

Visionary received funding to expand their coverage of Niobra County through the Rural Development Opportunities Fund. Although they were awarded funding in December 2020, it took almost a year to complete the final approval process, which will happen in December 2021. RDOF awards give the supplier ten years to complete the proposed buildings.

Visionary began their expansion into the area as soon as they were approved. The structure is mostly aerial, so it is faster to deploy and much less disruptive than underground.

Niobra County residents have seen construction crews around the county and the town of Lusk for weeks. They ran the pipe using special equipment. This pipeline runs north of the city on the west side of Highway 85 and south of the city on the east side of 85. It was also carried through the streets of Lusk and down the alleys.

Visionary Fiber:r will be the fastest internet available in the region by a wide margin: inAdding local speed options from 5From 0-200Mbps to 1000Mbps, also called “Gig”. Faster Internet offers faster transitions to websites, as well as improved video chat, gaming, and TV and movie streaming, downloading, and uploading. For businesses, it can help with point-of-sale (POS) systems and cloud file storage, photo uploads, and connections to software programs.

Lusk residents can take advantage of Visionary’s promotional pricing through March, offering a rate of $64.95/month with additional options available. After the promotion ends, customers will be looking at $79.95/month with additional options. Those who are eligible can take advantage of the FCC’s Affordable Communications Program (ACP) and Lifeline programs at, which can lower monthly Internet costs.

Visionary will continue to serve wireless customers outside the construction area and encourages current customers to call about switching to fiber.

Visionary Broadband’s Zone 1 fiber is now available for pre-order at Lusk. Zone 1 includes homes and businesses on Main Street, west of Main Street and south of the railroad tracks. Visionary fiber offers customers gig/gig fiber internet with no residential contracts or data caps, as well as phone service via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Visionary’s additional 3 fiber lanes are on track with an estimated completion schedule of February and March.

Lusk Mayor Doug Lytle says: “I am pleased with the progress so far and look forward to the progress that will be made during the rest of the month.”

You’ll see ongoing Visionary machines around the area, and you’ll likely meet some of the team as they travel door-to-door to share fiber availability, or at one of the coffee or pizza events they’re planning this month. Visionary will be buying coffee from Rough’n’Refined on January 17th from 8-12 and pizza at The Pizza Place on January 24th. Details will be shared via the Chamber Facebook page and at The Pizza Place and Rough’n’Refined. .
Interested residents can call Customer Service at 888-682-1884 or 307-682-1884 or register online at


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