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Jessica Chastain doesn’t usually keep quiet when it comes to voicing his opinions on issues that are often controversial, and his latest public statement, related to Ukraine, probably, it will not appear well in some circles.

Chastain argued that the reason is because people support Ukrainethat is, the country is filled mostly with “whites”. “I’ve been doing a lot of press lately, and a lot of people want to talk about Ukraine. But when I refer to Iran, no one wants to talk about it,” he added.

He believes that the focus is on Ukraine because of the racial issue

Chastain added: “I think because it’s a revolution led by women, and I think it’s mostly white people in Ukraine.” Some time ago, he expressed his support on Instagram for Mahsa Amini, who was killed while in police custody in Iran. because she wore the hijab wrongly.

Jessica claims that Ukraine is in the spotlight because of the white people who live there. Instead of focusing on Iran and the protesters being killed there.

He declares himself a “fierce” defender of women

The Oscar-winner stated that he “fiercely” defends women, as it should be, and as the rest of the world should be. But his comments about Ukraine being the center of attention and making it a racial issue could get him in trouble.

Chastain openly supported Ukraine before her comments, So, it is a bit strange that he, as he claims, portrays the “humanitarian crisis” in the country negatively.



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