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Jada Cheeves doesn’t care about the opinions of online trolls, and she doesn’t think we should either.

With the line between baseless comments, trolling and online bullying blurring more than ever, the influencer’s word of the day was about posting an unapologetic apology on social media.

Jaida says the ‘internet’ makes its users feel unsafe and ‘boxed’ in videos that are reposted The Shade Room:.

The Impact ATL: The reality star encouraged her followers to be “strong-minded” and not be put off by online negativity, especially if they want to be influencers like her.

He also admitted that she isn’t always so resolute about her posts and isn’t worried about her haters.

“But now I’m so strong and grounded within myself that if I like something, I won’t let a negative comment keep me from feeling how I originally felt about something. Jayda told her viewers.

Jayda’s message and being authentic online

Jayda’s posts about prioritizing your peace and authenticity online follow speculation about whether the influencer has lightened her skin.

The rumors originated from photos of her social media personality Pretty Grind magazine cover event on January 10th.

The influencer has denied rumors of skin bleaching, and her posts highlight that we’ve all felt pressure at some point or watered down what we post online.

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Jayda’s firm stance on being true to yourself is updated on social networks. When you prioritize posting what you want, you’ll always know you’re putting your authenticity first.

Meanwhile, worrying about comments leaves room for toxic comparisons and lower credibility for your post.

In Jayda’s wise words, “Don’t let it get to you.”

“Y’all can give it up,” the influencer told her haters. “I’m really in a space where I love myself. i feel like it’s me against the world. No one can tell me anything that will make me feel a certain way. F**k y’all, in the humblest possible way.”

We are here for Jayda to encourage others to put themselves online however they see fit. Hear ways to protect your zen online in the comments below.

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