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In the ever-changing landscape of Hollywood, there are few things that can be absolutely certain. Dwayne Johnson’s comedy with comedy legend Kevin Hart is one of those. Neither The Rock nor Hart misses an opportunity to entertain their fans by engaging in friendly banter with each other.


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With Christmas just around the corner, “Brahma the Bull” couldn’t resist the opportunity to wish his friend a Merry Christmas, but he did it in his own inimitable style.


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On December 18, Dwayne Johnson posted a video of himself curling Kevin Hart while using Hart as a dumbass. The training video was titled “Invincible. Dwanta’ and was accompanied by the song ‘You ain’t gets s**t for Christmas’ which added to the jokes. The Hollywood superstar also mentioned Kevin Hart. The Instagram post has garnered more than a million likes.

Dwayne Johnson didn’t actually pick on Hart and the video was edited out. The original video featured The Rock with one of his daughters and was posted on December 12.

However, the DJ’s followers had a lot to say about the latest post.

One user suggested the two should remake GEMINI, while another said yes “mixed”.

Kevin Hart himself answered Dwayne Johnson with one word. It’s rare that The Ride Along actor doesn’t mince words, and this was no exception. His short, one-word rebuttal was: “a **hole”combined with emojis.

Other responses were:

“I bet you could do it with the real Kevin Hart too”

“This is rude!!! lol”

“The montage may be embarrassing, but it’s funny”

“The new sorrel recipe has finally arrived”

Dwayne Johnson-Kevin Hart couple. Four movies and counting

Hollywood fans first witnessed Johnson-Hart’s chemistry in 2016 following the release of Central Intelligence, where the two played high school friends.

Not only the movie scenes, but the blooper tapes showed that both Hart and Johnson were at ease in each other’s presence. Hart, who is 5 feet 2.5 inches, filled out the gigantic frame of the Hercules star.

Since Central Intelligence, the duo has shared screen space three more times, The Fast and the Furious presents Hobbs and Shaw (Hart’s Scene), Jumanji: next level” and “Jumanji. welcome to the jungle.” Additionally, they have captivated fans with numerous talk show appearances.

LONDON, ENGLAND – DECEMBER 05: Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart attend the ‘Jumanji:… Next Level’ British Film Premiere at BFI Southbank on December 05, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Karwai Tang/WireImage)

At the same time, even with all the insults and jokes thrown at each other, you can’t miss the love and respect that both Hart and Johnson have for each other.

In early March, The People’s Champion took to Instagram to claim Kevin Hart as his “Brother for Life”. Johnson labeled their friendship as “Just two guys who work hard and like to joke around”. Her post also mentioned that she always comes back to Hart.


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Meanwhile, producers Bo Flynn and Hiram Garcia, who often collaborate with Dwayne Johnson, shared positive news about the Jumanji series. “Jumanji” will definitely happen.” The producers told Collider.


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If the cast remains intact, fans will see the Hart-Johnson chemistry once again. Tell us which side of Johnson and Hart you like best in the comments below!

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